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The Ridge Route is the first highway California built over the mountain barrier you see behind me,'' said Harrison Scott, president of the Ridge Route Preservation Organization.
Again, Boe says, seeding agents can be used to make winter-time clouds passing over a mountain barrier produce snow.
Thanks to this mountain barrier, dusk comes early to the valley, rain barely at all.
Jackson, Wyoming sits within the greater Jackson Hole region--an area known as being a hub of outdoor recreation activity (and a logical home for the Wilderness Risk Management Conference), Jackson Hole is surrounded by mountain barriers, creating a valley that is 40 miles long and six to eight miles wide.
Thanks to new techniques and equipment either invented or developed and refined in Switzerland, such as shotcrete and tunnel boring machines and high precision measuring devices like sliding micrometers and profilers, permitting safety control and better understanding of the structural behaviour of rock mass, so many tunnels have been drilled that the major mountain barriers have disappeared and the four seasons merged into one.