Mount Asama

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a volcano in central Honshu near Nagano

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Chunks of rock from the explosion were found about 3,300ft away from Mount Asama, which lies about 90 miles north west of Tokyo, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
The last major eruption of Mount Asama took place in September 2004, the agency said.
Scientists led by Hiroyuki Tanaka of the University of Tokyo installed a single muon detector 1 kilometer from the summit of Mount Asama on the main island of Japan.
The cosmic-ray muon imaging technique has much higher resolving power than conventional geophysical techniques, with resolutions up to several meters allowing it to see smaller objects and greater detail in volcanoes," Tanaka wrote in a report on the results of the Mount Asama study in the Nov.
MOUNT Asama, one of Japan's largest and most active volcanoes, has erupted, sending smoke and ash thousands of feet into the air.
JAPAN: Authorities have issued a volcano warning for Mount Asama in central Japan after earthquakes were detected in the area.