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a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord

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Heterogeneity of motorneuron driver potential properties along the anterior-posterior axis of the lobster cardiac ganglion.
Alpha a motorneurons of which stimulation of a single nerve fibre excites from 3 to 2000 skeletal muscle fibres which we call the motor unit.
Endogenous Ciliary neurotrophic factor Is a Lesion Factor for Axotomized Motorneurons in Adult Mice.
There is growing evidence that abnormalities in RNA processing might play a central role in the degeneration of motorneurons.
A recent study of the guinea pig intestine showed that 5-HT-ir varicosities were apposed to enteric motorneurons, ascending afferents.
05 mm/ms recorded during this PNS pulse setting was approximately twice that seen for PNS pulse settings between 250 [micro]s and 500 [micro]s and supports the contention that short PNS pulse durations only allow for the recruitment of small motorneurons that innervate slow twitch muscle fibers.
Regulation of heartbeat in Lymnaea by motorneurons containing FMRFamide-like peptides.
The similarities observed in our study between magnetic and electrical stimulation overall imply that peripheral magnetic stimulation can be a safe alternative for examining neuromuscular function of BB, when an examination of possible changes in neural drive at the level of motorneurons is required.
3] also demonstrated that central activation ratio, used to quantify the level of neural activation, was high and similar at torque failure for both knee angles, suggesting that the central nervous system was able to maximally activate the motorneurons supplying the muscle.
Under some circumstances, failure to drive the motorneurons adequately as a consequence of neurophysiological alterations seems to play a dominant role in modulating the development of fatigue (Gandevia, 2001).
A second component of the physiology impacting response characteristics is the neural substrate for processing the sensory information and firing the motorneurons associated with effector muscle action.
Innervation of parapodial muscles by pedal ganglion motorneurons.