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a small fast unarmored and lightly armed torpedo boat

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This was followed by an attack by three motor torpedo boats, firing torpedoes and then machine-gunning the ship, its crew and their lifeboats.
Pope, author of the Ramage series, offers a narrative account of the actions of British motor torpedo boats in the Mediterranean during WWII, based on eyewitness accounts of the officers and enlisted men.
The loss of a few motor torpedo boats barely earned a note on the navy's ledger sheet.
Canadian artist Tony Law, commander of one of the motor torpedo boats that patrolled the English Channel (and later of the 29th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla), came to stay overnight.
The contract covers the CEROS 200 FCS radar and optronic fire control system for installation onboard the Norwegian navy's Skjold-class motor torpedo boats, Saab said.
They married in Exeter in 1943 while Mr Crook was a chief motor mechanic on Royal Navy motor torpedo boats laying mines in the Channel to destroy German shipping.
This Victoria Cross is awarded in recognition not only of the gallantry and devotion to duty of Able Seaman Savage, but also of the valour shown by many other unnamed in motor launches, motor gunboats and motor torpedo boats who gallantly carried out their duty in entirely exposed positions against enemy fire at very close range.
Working on motor torpedo boats in the Irish Sea, after being rescued from sinking in 1942, he joined the Radar Control Unit at Kingswear, Devon, and equipped all MTBs with 35-mile radius radars.
Initially, he worked on Motor Torpedo Boats, but he then volunteered for combined operations and found himself in the engine room of an LCT - a tank landing craft.
The Swiss-Swedish power and automation technology group ABB's Norwegian subsidiary ABB Offshore Systems AS has reportedly won a NOK156m contract to supply all electrical installations for the Norwegian navy's five new Skjold class motor torpedo boats.
Boat building was a central plank of its activities up to and during the last war, when a substantial amount of work was done on naval vessels such as motor torpedo boats.