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a speech of exhortation attempting to instill enthusiasm and determination in a team or staff

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At age 15, he joined the Christian faith and was inspired to become a motivational speaker.
Indian Ambassador Dr Mohan Kumar, World Champion of Public Speaking from the US Mark Brown and motivational speakers from Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia took
A spokesperson for Procter and Gamble in Seaton Delaval said: "When one of our employees suggested we do something dierent for our annual osite day, we jumped at the chance to invite Andrea to come and speak instead of a celebrity motivational speaker.
When one of our employees suggested we do something different for our annual offsite day, we jumped at the chance to invite Andrea to come and speak instead of a celebrity motivational speaker.
He is a passionate motivational speaker that provides inspiration on achieving your goals from youth to adults.
Pierre represents Arkansas in the National Society of Black Engineering and also works with as a motivational speaker and as a mentor for high school students.
Harris is a gold medal-winning Special Olympian, a sailor and fisherman, motivational speaker and, as of 2010, a business owner.
His company includes more than a dozen other motivational speakers who advocate "The Ziglar Way.
Women from all over Namibia gathered from as early as eight o'clock in the morning to attend workshops that included wardrobe planning, beauty tips and cooking, as well as to view unique products on display at the festival and to listen to the insights of several motivational speakers.
Lester said: "Jeff brought us together after the Cobh game with a motivational speaker.
If we don't know each other, we can't go forward,'' said motivational speaker Rick Minniefield, who gave the keynote address.
Motivational speaker Jovanka Ciares presents Don't Blame Eve: A Guide To Live Your Life Your Way, a self-help guide especially for women.
As a motivational speaker and educational consultant, I realize the state of crisis paralyzing our African American youth, so I've gone back into high schools in underprivileged African American communities and dedicated my poetic writing and speaking talents to expressing positive ways to bridge the educational gap.
During her time at Crane, Bou was invited as a motivational speaker and host for workshops in public schools and colleges.
Motivational speaker Giovanni Livera is a celebrator of human spirit and potential--a creator of meaningful experiences who transforms companies and peoples' lives through the understanding that anything is possible.