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Synonyms for motivation

Synonyms for motivation

something that encourages

a basis for an action or a decision

Synonyms for motivation

the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal

the condition of being motivated

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the act of motivating

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The four motivation factors, in order of importance were self-efficacy, cost & utility, intrinsic value, and attainment.
The results of multigroup SEM indicated that display of commitment was an important motivation factor in predicting college athletics donor intention.
Thus, significant differences between event participants based on the nine motivation factors were present (see Table 4).
In the study of Ilhan (2009), it was determined that "grade" award as an external motivation factor in sports education had a positive effect on talent learning periods.
Determination of the motivation level and the analysis of motivation factors in the enterprises in a perticular time were carried out through a questionnaire which consists of 30 closed questions (Hitka 2009: 149).
Respondents evaluated individual motivation factors in the questionnaire (Tab.
The twelve motivation factors are ability, intrinsic career value, fallback career, job security, time for family, job transferability, shape future of children/adolescents, enhance social equity, make social contribution, work with children/adolescents, prior teaching and learning experiences, and social influences.
Table 4 shows the average scores for Catholic teachers and non-Catholic teachers on each item of the four motivation factors, as well as the items that did not load on any of the factors.
Gender differences in national examination and test results, self-evaluation, and motivation factors Female Male Average St.
The objective of this study is to assess attitude and motivation factors towards volunteering for HIV care work in Southwestern Nigeria.
However, if you pay the 'going rate' and people are leaving it may be because other hygiene factors are not right or, more likely, they are attracted by the motivation factors on offer elsewhere which, according to Herzberg include achievement, recognition, the interest that the person derives from the work that is carried out, and the potential for advancement and growth.
Despite these high motivation factors, there are not many respondents who prefer to maintain their position at the company they're currently employed at, the report noted.
This theory is also known as Dual-Factor Theory, which emphasizes two sets of factors, namely hygiene factors and motivation factors.
The study objective is predicated on the assumption that identifying some factors that motivate students to perform well and some factors that distract them from performing well may help us to emphasize the motivation factors and de-emphasize the distraction factors.