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Synonyms for motivation

Synonyms for motivation

something that encourages

a basis for an action or a decision

Synonyms for motivation

the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal

the condition of being motivated

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the act of motivating

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Determination of the motivation level and the analysis of motivation factors in the enterprises in a perticular time were carried out through a questionnaire which consists of 30 closed questions (Hitka 2009: 149).
Table 5 shows the average scores for the elementary school teachers and secondary school teachers on each item of the four motivation factors, as well as the items that did not load on any of the factors.
For female students, both national examination results and the motivation factor predicted test results, while students with higher levels of motivation had lower results in tests.
The engineer supervisor introduced leadership motivation factors that constituted one subsystem of the motivation system.
A service performance model of Hong Kong cruise travelers' motivation factors and satisfaction.
The extrinsic motivation factor, containing items dealing with social constraints and social support, explained only 4.
This factor of extrinsic motivation in male students complies with the research conducted by other authors (Shaw, 1999), who's results show that male students are more influenced by extrinsic motivation factors in the selection their college/university.
Motivation factors influence the application of lifelong learning in industrial companies in Slovakia.
In such conditions it could be argued that, though motivation factors may have come to the fore, there is a danger that the more fundamental hygiene factors or safety needs of employees are neglected.
Second, we will present the findings of the most recent survey of several hundred employees of a medium-size manufacturing/retail firm using the same set of ten job motivation factors used in the two previous surveys--and in comparison to the findings of those two earlier studies.
Included are descriptions of the student academic motivation factors, the independent learning principles, and the learning contract principles underlying the development and implementation of the strategy.
This has led to a change in the motivation factors of food preparation, as convenience becomes more important and calorific content less so.
She is someone who deals with motivation factors, and helps my lads get their minds sharply focused.
The Motivation Factor Methodology is the first of its kind to effectively guide each individual in understanding how his or her personal motivation factors contribute to organizational goals; the first to illustrate how a person's ability to become self-motivated, integrate new learning, and handle change can be improved by being aware of and better managers of one's motivation factors.
The motivation factors applied in TAM model can exert a stronger influence of intention to use [14].