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the head of a religious order or congregation


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The Heirloom Plastic Donkey that belonged to three Mother Generals.
As mother general, her private correspondence and numerous letters to her congregation reveal a graceful, touching, and intimate prose style.
In 1893, having guided them through the successful process of obtaining pontifical status, she was elected first mother general under the new constitutions.
provincial of the Religious Venerini Sisters in September after the building project was mostly done, decided in May to use the sisters' retirement savings for an interest-free loan to the school and received approval from the order's mother general in Rome to do so.
Shaun Vergauwen, mother general of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, and Sr.
Sister Loyola Kelly, Mother General of the Franciscan Order, said: "Father Gerry's death is a t ragedy and it has cer tainly brought fear to our community.
Sister Marion was once called Mary Campbell - the Mother General chose her nun name, as she does for most of the new nuns.
After the 20-minute prayers Mother General introduces me to the other nuns.
Auguste le Paitleur, who had been a spiritual advisor for some of the women during the early days of the order's founding, usurped Jugan, installing another mother general.
By December 1843, the women were providing care for some 40 people and the sisters for the second time re-elected Jugan as their mother general.
23,1843, just weeks after the women had re-elected Jugan, Pailleur on his own authority declared the election void, designating a 23-year-old sister, Marie Jamet, as the new mother general.
Perier was hesitant, but said she could write to the Loreto mother general in Dublin.
Begging resources, recruiting teachers in Australia and Europe, traveling constantly, writing letters to all who could help, she was the visionary first mother general of Australia's Sisters of St.
Mary Paul Offiah from Nigeria, mother general of her order, thought joint study sessions between the conferences (of bishops and major superiors) "could be enriching.
Mary Joseph, founder and later mother general of the order, mopped a mean kitchen floor).