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Synonyms for mothball

a small sphere of camphor or naphthalene used to keep moths away from stored clothing

put into long-term storage

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All he's got to do is moth-ball his present camo and buy a whole new ensemble.
Another option is to persuade tenants to leave the building and moth-ball it for future decisions, such as a return to market, demolition, adaptive re-use or deed to the county.
Clive Benfield, Chairman, ACT-UK Simulation Centre The downturn in the house-building and contracting industry has devastated the industry with many firms being forced to moth-ball development sites and amalgamate regional offices, result-t ing in a large number of redundancies and a reduction on the recruitment of apprentices and graduate trainees.
You could smell moth-balls on the suits of mourners, who stood before shadowy mirrors, and knotted their ties, as thick and black as crows - before polishing their shoes to the shine of licked liquorice, so they could sing Abide With Me in the right spirit.
Post, April 21) Gordon Will is certainly right in objecting to the wards that are being built to go straight into moth-balls.