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Synonyms for mothball

a small sphere of camphor or naphthalene used to keep moths away from stored clothing

put into long-term storage

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of Idaho administration took heed and demanded that the skimpy uniforms, which were estimated to have cost around $4,200, be put in moth balls in favor of a more fan-friendly/conservative wardrobe after the school received complaints from parents, alumni, and community members that the uniforms weren't appropriate.
The council cannot come to an agreement with regard to repairs that need to be done and the theatre has been in moth balls for yonks.
In the swinging Sixties they wore tweed coats in the summer, with matching hats and gloves, and in the winter their fut coats were brought out of hibernation, smelling of moth balls.
Then there was a delightful moth infestation, which meant the whole house had to be boobytrapped with moth balls.
His message was that our grandmothers, and possibly our mothers, needed moth balls.
First, store any winter stuff you won't need for a while in the attic with moth balls to keep the moths away.
It is totally revolutionary because it combines the element of protection and cedar, plus the benefit of storage," which differs from cedar wood-based products or petro-chemicals, such as moth balls and moth cakes, Lenahan says.
While one in Twelve reported having unhappy childhoods, those with them were more likely to describe somewhat unusual childhood odors including: moth balls, body odor, dog waste, sewer gas and bus fumes.
A pound of moth balls spread on a carton, allowed passive diffusion into the atmosphere.
Someone else said that they have an intense sense of smell so put moth balls around and under your house.
Acceptable materials for disposal include oil-based paints, stains and varnishes, wood preservatives, paint strippers/thinners, solvent adhesives, lighter fluids, fuels/gasoline, kerosene, antifreeze, motor oil, engine degreaser, brake fluid/carburetor cleaner, transmission fluid, driveway sealer, roofing tar, swimming pool chemicals, rubber cement, airplane glue, fiberglass resins, photo chemicals, propane tanks, furniture polish, drain and toilet cleaner, spot remover, flashlight batteries, rug and upholstery cleaners, hobby and artist supplies, poisons, insecticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, week killers, moth balls, and flea-control products.
What I really liked smelling were moth balls, little camphor spheres threaded with purple silk, that hung in the wardrobe near to my mother's fur coat.
By comparison, this version of High Society looks as though it has been dragged out of deep storage, still smelling of moth balls.
But the Nora Batty of the fashion world has long ago left its moth balls and false teeth image and has rightfully won a place in the contemporary lifestyle wardrobe.
Other ideas included moth balls, shoving finely crushed glass down the holes (ugh), planting a castor bean plant (its roots are supposedly poison to gophers), or sticking a couple of those lawn pinwheel figures by the holes because the gophers can't stand the vibrations they cause when spinning in the wind.