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German physicist (born in 1929)

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Mossbauer study of magnetite formation by iron- and sulfatereducing bacteria.
Mossbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and magnetic measurements of iron-nickel ultrafine particles.
Mossbauer Spectroscopy: Applications in Chemistry, Biology, and Nanotechnology
Las propiedades magneticas se estudiaron por espectroscopia Mossbauer de transmision a temperatura ambiente (TA) con una fuente de [Co.
These included: photography to record general conditions; optical emission spectrometry to measure the compositions of iron and steel at different levels when the size of the samples were sufficiently large; semi-quantitative X-ray microanalysis (XRM) in combination with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to characterize the composition of small liquid metal drops; and Mossbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analyses to identify compounds in the oxide layer of the metallic materials.
1975, The orientation of the principal axes system of the electric field gradient in Fe (III) vermiculite determined by Mossbauer spectroscopy.
Landauro, C, 2011 Informe de Caracterizacion de Difraccion de Rayos X (DRX), Fluorescencia de Rayos X (FRX), Espectroscopia Mossbauer (EM)
82) Modern experiments of the Ives-Stilwell (IS) type include Mossbauer rotor experiments, two photon and saturation spectroscopy experiments on atoms or ions.
La interfase acero-concreto fue caracterizada por espectrometria Mossbauer de transmision a temperatura ambiente y difraccion de rayos X (DRX).
Mossbauer spectroscopy indicates that iron in an aluminosilicate glass phase is the source of the bioavailable iron from coal fly ash.
The studied samples (films) were sputtered at the temperature [approximately equal to] 373 K onto glass-ceramic substrates for electric measurements and thin aluminum foils for Mossbauer investigations.
The necessity of multilayer samples was originated from the Mossbauer spectroscopic study on interface magnetism.
Mossbauer and EPR characterization of the metal centers.