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Obeyesekere, in his study of 1975, unfortunately identifies cursing with sorcery and cites besides Seenigama, the Hindu and the Moslim shrines in Muneswaram and Kahatapitiya.
Some territories such as Croatia and Slovenia, were more fortunate than others and became independent territories but where ethnic and religious differences were manifest in Bosnia between Serb and Moslim communities such difficulties accelerated into violence and the disruption of communities.
At present, a few organizations have developed in this field; notably, the CMO (Contactorgaan Moslims en Overheid) (6) and the CGI (Contactgroep Islam), have emerged as discussion partners between their constituents and the public authorities.
Daily life, customs and learning; The Moslims of the archipelago, trans.
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For details, see Perdiep Ramesar, "Haagse buurt domein orthodoxe moslims," Trouw, May 18, 2013.
Inpassing van islamitisch recht in Europese rechtssystemen; formele en informele vormen van geschillenbeslechting bij moslims (Maastricht: RIMO).
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