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The Netherlands has a state-funded Islamic broadcasting network, Nederlandse Moslim Omroep, an Islamic school board, an Islamic pedagogic center, and more than 40 Islamic schools, all of which are government funded with a regular Dutch curriculum.
Le Strange, much earlier, describes the abna' as "Persian nobles" "who were already settled in Mesopotamia at the time of the Moslim conquest.
Last night, Moslim leaders immediately condemned the latest attack by a senior Tory.
Some territories such as Croatia and Slovenia, were more fortunate than others and became independent territories but where ethnic and religious differences were manifest in Bosnia between Serb and Moslim communities such difficulties accelerated into violence and the disruption of communities.
See also Klaas Klopstra, "De Visie van Hendrik Kraemer op de Islam en zijn Ontmoetingen met Moslims," Documentatieblad voor de Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Zending en Overzeese Kerken 9, no.
Inpassing van islamitisch recht in Europese rechtssystemen; formele en informele vormen van geschillenbeslechting bij moslims (Maastricht: RIMO).
Mekka in the latter part of the 19th century; daily life, customs and learning; the Moslims of the East-Indian Archipelago, 2d ed.