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Among Shelley's last works are Epipsychidion, a passionate love poem addressed to Emilia Viviani; and Adonais, an elegy on the death of Keats, modeled after the elegies of Bion and Moschus and frequently considered to be, of elegies in English, second only to Milton's Lycidas.
Consequently it is dependent on a long ancestral line of such poetry from Shelley and Milton to Moschus and Theocritus.
1996): "John Moschus as a source for the lives of St.
Adonais is an elegy after the manner of Moschus, on a foolish young man, who, after writing some volumes of very weak, and in the greater part, of very indecent poetry, died some time since of a consumption: the breaking down of an infirm constitution having, in all probability, been accelerated by the discarding of his neckcloth, a practice of the cockney poets, who look upon it as essential to genius, inasmuch as neither Michel Angelo, Raphael, nor Tasso are supposed to have worn these antispiritual encumbrances.
The pastoral elegy began with the poems of Theokritos, Bion, and Moschus, who set their elegies in a fictional, ideal pastoral landscape that provides both a place distinct from everyday life and a natural setting in which the mourner can place grief.
Perpetua 9-10) dreams of fighting a giant Egyptian, who is recognized as the devil; later in Moschus (for Latin version see Minge PL 74.
The scholiasts tell us that Moschus was a Pergamene rhetor whom Torquatus defended on a charge of poisoning: 'reus veneficii fuit, cuius causam ex primis tunc oratores egerunt Torquatus hic, de quo nunc dicit, cuius extat oratio et Asinius Pollio.
Anna Robertson Brown, ~The Lotus Symbolism in Homer, Theocritus, Moschus, Tennyson, and Browning' (ii.
Population density of Moschus berezovskii in Zibaishan nature reserve of Feng County, Shaanxi.
2006) Impact of musk trade on the decline in Himalayan musk deer Moschus chrysogaster population in Neelum Valley, Pakistan.
34) An anonymous review in the Athenaeum 439 (March 26, 1836): 221-222 opined that even Bion and Moschus were "late" literary revivals of an earlier, purer idyll, written solely by Theocritus.
In elegies by Bion, Moschus, Spenser, and Milton, the present crisis of death urges the elegiac poet to break his silence and undertake the difficult task of commemoration.
5) reports an interesting embassy to Tiberius in 25 undertaken by the Massaliots to ask for the legitimation of the testament of a certain Vulcancius Moschus, who had left his property to the city ut patriae.
They belong to the genus Moschus, which includes five species, of which the best known is the strange taiga musk deer (Moschus moschiferus) that is widely distributed in Siberia, Mongolia, Manchuria, and Korea.