Mosaic law

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the laws (beginning with the Ten Commandments) that God gave to the Israelites through Moses


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The question that arises is, should we continue with the Mosaic Law of tit for tat?
Moreover, there was no clear consensus in the Reformation about the significance of Mosaic law for Christians.
In presenting the post-biblical Jewish traditions about Abraham, Levenson presents what most effectively served as the Jewish retort to Paul's dispossession of them, namely, the rabbinic tradition that Abraham observed the entire Mosaic Law, ordained to him orally before being explicitly set down by Moses in the Torah.
Hazony seems to think of Mosaic law as an afterthought to natural lawthe former "is indeed held to be the key to a just and prosperous life" in the biblical narrative, but that is only because "it is so much in conformity with the natural law that even from the perspective of the shepherd, who examines its strictures from the outside, it can be accepted and obeyed.
The Mosaic Law would not come around for another half a millennium.
I think there's experts that say it came from the old Mosaic law.
O Grada examines various possible explanations, suggesting that Mosaic law, with its emphasis on hand washing and cleaning of food and utensils, may have played a role.
In particular, I will discuss the endurance of the Abrahamic covenant, its impact on Christian understanding of the Mosaic Law, and the changing reception of this important doctrine within the medieval Christian imagination.
A section called "the crime" interprets the text with respect to alleged or actual wrongdoings often defining criminal terms and referring to Mosaic Law.
Mosaic law is now an eternal truth, not a cultural report.
Of course, that's utterly untrue: Jesus affirmed every jot and tittle of the Mosaic Law, which includes explicit prohibitions against sodomy.
Pooley affirms that antinomian doctrine that stressed freedom from the Mosaic law was perceived by some to create the justification for wanton freedom from civil laws.
4) The moral precepts of the Mosaic law thus belong to the natural law, which the Gentiles possess.
Michael must retrain Adam in the critical reading of both history and Mosaic Law in books eleven and twelve.
Baptists who saw unity between the testaments and whose creeds paid homage to Mosaic Law were incensed by Campbell's minimization of it.