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United States jazz musician who moved from ragtime to New Orleans jazz (1885-1941)

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Morton, would be highly gratifying to himself, Miss Henly," he observed; "and were I of his acquaintance, it should be my task to inform him of your good opinion.
Morton has not now to learn that," said Charlotte, simply, but dropping her eyes; "I have been the next door neighbour of George all my life, and have seen too much of his goodness of heart not to have expressed the same opinion often.
Young Morton was a few years the senior of Charlotte; and, at the time of commencing our tale, was but lately released from his collegiate labours.
Henly, when George Morton entered the dining parlour, with the freedom of an old and favourite friend, and telling Mrs.
asked Morton, "and a door, of course, somewhere round the corner?
Morton moved toward the window immediately in front of them, where the hidden outlaw had just snuffed the candle; Nolan, a little farther westward to the next window; while Wilson, followed by Macbride with the ladder, went round to the two windows at the back.
Morton had just placed himself in front of the nearest window, his broad shoulders.
Michael O'Neill, I arrest you in the king's name for the murder of Francis Morton and James Nolan.
SIR ALEX FERGUSON has admitted he resorted to desperate measures in a bid to beat bogey side Morton when he was Aberdeen boss.
Michael Morton spent 25 years in prison for his wife's bludgeoning death before DNA analysis finally freed him, a miscarriage in justice that still reverberates through the state's criminal cases.
5 by 11 inch printed publication, this new guide will feature listings of all members of the Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce listed by both alpha order and type of business with their contact information (including links to their websites provided as live links on the digital version).
The victim had been playing on the machine in a city centre branch of Ladbrokes on October 2 last year, but while he went to get a drink, pensioner Michael Morton, 65, took his place.
The victim had been playing on the machine in a city centre branch of Ladbrokes but while he went to get a drink, pensioner Michael Morton took his place.
Scorers: Ayr – McMillan (37) Curlett (71) Morton – McGraw (31).
On the day after his 32nd birthday, Michael Morton returned from work to find his home in Austin, Texas, surrounded by yellow police tape.