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English nobleman who deposed Edward II and was executed by Edward III (1287-1330)

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No, not that place,' returns the unmoved Mortimer, 'that's where they make the Port.
The man,' Mortimer goes on, addressing Eugene, 'whose name is Harmon, was only son of a tremendous old rascal who made his money by Dust.
A passing remembrance of Mrs Veneering, here induces Mortimer to address his next half-dozen words to her; after which he wanders away again, tries Twemlow and finds he doesn't answer, ultimately takes up with the Buffers who receive him enthusiastically.
There is that in the indolent Mortimer, which seems to hint that if good society might on any account allow itself to be impressible, he, one of good society, might have the weakness to be impressed by what he here relates.
Venerable parent,' Mortimer repeats with a passing remembrance that there is a Veneering at table, and for the first time addressing him--'dies.
His will is found,' said Mortimer, catching Mrs Podsnap's rocking- horse's eye.
Mortimer replies, that by special testamentary clause it would then go to the old servant above mentioned, passing over and excluding the son; also, that if the son had not been living, the same old servant would have been sole residuary legatee.
Mortimer took up her tale, "in the beginning I was a greenhorn, city born and bred.
Mortimer noted her sparkling glances which took in everything, and went out of her way to show Saxon around, doing it under the guise of gleeful boastings, stating the costs of the different materials, explaining how she had done things with her own hands, such as staining the doors, weathering the bookcases, and putting together the big Mission Morris chair.
Mortimer mourned; "then I should have had the spare room I had planned--"
Mortimer was still disturbed at her inability to put them up for the night, and Saxon changed the conversation by pleading to be told more.
Mortimer led Saxon into talking about herself and Billy, and betrayed not the slightest shock when she learned of his prizefighting and scab-slugging proclivities.
Mortimer turned her head to Billy, who was just entering.
Mortimer, you would do wisely if without more ado you would kindly tell me plainly what the exact nature of the problem is in which you demand my assistance.
There were several Mortimers, but only one who could be our visitor.