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  • verb

Synonyms for mortify

Synonyms for mortify

to deprive of esteem, self-worth, or effectiveness

to cause (a person) to be self-consciously distressed

Synonyms for mortify

practice self-denial of one's body and appetites

hold within limits and control

undergo necrosis

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The study will discuss the mortification experiences, if any, of the children in conflict with the law, from admission to confinement in St.
In the first few days of confinement, this kind of mortification is evident as the residents are subjected to interrogations and tests designed to gather information regarding their demographic background and offense(s).
Goffman also notes that in asylums, mortification can come from other inmates.
The foregoing example illustrates Goffman's notion of "permanent mortification," whereby it is not just the victim who is mortified but the viewers as well.
They firmly rejected Lurianic penitentials of excessive fasting and self mortification.
Some readers may still find elements of pathology in the physical and moral exercises of mortification of flesh and will in this phase of Catholicism, and some may still see the handiwork of patriarchy in the imposition of clausura on those women who attempted to create lay forms of religious life that would act upon the life of the community at large.
Women committed themselves to welfare work rather than to corporal mortification.
Escriva used both and practiced other forms of mortification, such as sitting in a special chair that put him in an uncomfortable posture where his feet could not touch the floor.
The astonishing, often macabre, content of the stories told brings the reader right into the cells of the lauras of the sixth century, so that one feels the passion of the quarrel for and against Chalcedon, the ascetic distrust of bishops, and the bizarre mortifications of the Himalayan climbers of the spiritual ascent in search of the heavenly vision.
The man who is insured with the Indescribable walks the world in armour of proof; those contrary accidents and mortifications which are a source of spiritual profit to the saint, are a source of material advantage to him.
But Manrique stubbornly refused to marry and persisted in her devotions and mortifications, all the while beseeching the Lord that "he calm down her mother and give her a change of heart so that she would not bother her, nor importune her on the matter of marriage.
has learned more about true mortification in six months than so-and-so and so-and-so have in an entire year.
Through such popular religious tracts as "The Memoirs of the Reverend William Tennent" and Jonathan Edwards' The Life of David Brainerd the author unveils a tragic form of evangelical piety that encouraged excessive fasting, mortifications of the body, and melancholy as necessary elements of a "true religion" that would lead ultimately away from the sins of self-love and the experience of religious conversion.
O Jesus, may Thou be blessed and thanked always and by all men for all Thy mortifications and humiliations by which Thou hast atoned for us to God to Whom Thou has united us in the embrace of holy love