Morone americana

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small silvery food and game fish of eastern United States streams

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Oncorhynchus tshawytscha and Morone americana are recent introductions to Michigan's waters and would not have been available to catch 46 years ago.
4 Moronidae White perch Morone americana -- -- White bass Morone chrysops 1 1.
Age and growth of the white perch Morone americana in the lower Connecticut River.
Partitioning of strontium in otoliths of estuarine fishes: experimentation in a model system, white perch Morone americana (Gmelin).
Key words: Chesapeake Bay, field study, macrophage bactericidal activity, Morone americana, quantitative PCR, transforming growth factor-[Beta], white perch.
Analysis of Morone saxatilis and Morone americana spawning and nursery areas in the York and Pamunkey Rivers, Virginia.