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Effects of amylopectidamylose starch ratio on growth, body composition and glycemic response of sunshine bass Morone chrysops [female] xM.
Iosa M, Fusco A, Morone G, Pratesi L, Coiro P, Venturiero V, De Angelis D, Bragoni M, Paolucci S.
Mary's husband and love of more than 63 years, James Morone passed away in July of 1996.
The other nine species not taken before 1989 are listed in order of decreasing numbers taken: Lepisosteus osseus (53), Aplodinotus grunniens (26), Ictalurus punctatus (24), Cyprinella whipplei (9), Morone chrysops (5), Percina phoxocephala (5), Notropis stramineus (3), Hypentelium nigricans (2), and Labidesthes sicculus (1).
Isolation and characterization of mycobacteria from striped bass Morone saxatilis from the Chesapeake Bay.
The very first item, the deposition of Niccol[grave{o}] Bargellesi, was previously published in the final volume of the Processo Morone.
Although adult striped bass, Morone saxatilis, are found over a wide range of aquatic habitats, their survival and abundance can be limited by summertime water temperatures.
Before the [NLRA], industry leaders had bridled at the least hint of legitimacy accorded to the union movement," James Morone notes.
The '90s are shaping up as the most volatile political decade of the century," observed Jim Morone, a political scientist at Brown University.
Morone, President and Chief Executive Officer, will be speaking at the Jefferies 2012 Global Industrial and A&D Conference in New York City on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 from 2:00 p.
Morone, CEO of New Hampshire-based Albany International Corp.
In this study, we used passive ultrasonic biotelemetry and environmental monitoring to measure relationships of residence and egress of 3 predators--Striped Bass (age-1+ Morone saxatilis), Bluefish (age-0 and age-1+ Pomatomus saltatrix) and Weakfish (age-1+ Cynoscion regalis)--to habitat conditions in a small mid-Atlantic estuarine tributary that serves as a summer feeding and nursery ground.
Ocean Brick - John Morone of Brick Township High School Brick - Samantha Rioux of Brick Township Memorial High School Toms River - Brandon Karpowich of Toms River High School North Toms River - Chan Budhram of Ocean County Vocational-Technical School
Marco Iosa, PhD; (1) * Giovanni Morone, MD; (1) Maura Bragoni, MD, PhD; (2) Domenico De Angelis, MD; (2) Vincenzo Venturiero, MD, PhD; (2) Paola Coiro, MD; (2) Luca Pratesi, MD; (2) Stefano Paolucci, MD (1-2)
In Morone chrysops Weber and Sullivan [187] observed that Insulin-like growth factor-I induce oocyte maturational competence but not meiotic resumption.