Moroccan dirham

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the basic unit of money in Morocco

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4 Moroccan dirhams per share paid by Maroc Telecom to the French company.
The purchase price for the 53 per cent holding, at 100 Moroccan dirhams a share in cash, includes a Dh7.
The Suite Dreams offer is priced in Moroccan Dirhams and starts from MAD 25,470 (current exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1,830) per room for 4 nights based on two adults sharing on a full board basis.
1 billion Moroccan dirhams (about 438 million Euros), this programme is a major component of the overall investment programme in the total amount of 12.
As a result, the value of imports of olive oil from Morocco jumped from Moroccan Dirhams MAD33 million (US dollar USD3.
We emerged sweating and with dangerously high blood pressure, as henna tattooists insisted on scribbling on our arms "for free" - before promptly demanding 300 Moroccan Dirhams (pounds 25) for the pleasure.
They also took 9320 Moroccan dirhams (pounds 793) and 660 euros (pounds 622).
Just as New Yorkers and Bostonians seek to escape the snow of late winter by staying at their beach-front condominiums in Miami, so Europeans from Berlin, Paris and Manchester are shelling out for a short hop on one of the many airlines now operating into Casablanca and Marrakech, loaded down with Moroccan dirhams (the local currency) to shop, dine and enjoy themselves.
Over the course of three years, I brought home to Gaeta, Italy, (La Salle's homeport) lots of Moroccan dirhams, Tunisian dinar, Turkish lira (with lots of zeros, almost enough for lunch at a local McDonald's) and even some Russian rubles, not to mention a dozen other colorful types of currency.
Two Export Credit Facilities for an aggregate amount of Euro 200 million; - Euro 450 million equivalent loans from International Finance Corporation (IFC), of which Euro 100 million equivalent in "A" and "C" Loans for IFC's own account, and Euro 350 million equivalent in "B" Loan for the account of international lenders participating under the IFC "umbrella"; - An International Commercial Loan of Euro 150 million equivalent; and - A Domestic Commercial Loan Facilities of Euro 200 million equivalent in Moroccan Dirhams.
A rail line, attached to the airport, enabled us to conveniently take the train to Fes, a four-hour ride and the first-class fare for the three of us was 660 Moroccan dirhams, a mere BD32.