Moro reflex

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a normal reflex of young infants

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She was agitated and had tremors, exaggerated moro reflex, and jitteriness without any stimulus, and, these movements were exaggerated by touch, sound, and light.
8C pulse 200/min respiratory rate 60/min capillary refill time 6s lethargy pallor mottled skin pin point miosis poor pupillary light reflex feeble pulse cold extremities harsh breath sounds fine rales on both lungs muffled heart sounds no murmur and hepatosplenomegaly hypotonia absent Moro reflex.
When there is sensory stimulation, such as a loud noise, the Moro reflex is activated in the baby and she will reflexively fling her head back and her arms and legs away from the body and take a big breath.
Moro reflex If your baby's startled, she will throw out her arms and legs as if to catch hold of something.
When the infant is lowered back to the crib and his arms relax, a response known as the Moro reflex will appear in normal neonates.