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Synonyms for More

a larger amount


  • a larger amount
  • extra
  • an increase
  • a supplement
  • an addition
  • a greater amount

to a greater extent



what's more

Synonyms for More

Synonyms for More

English statesman who opposed Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and was imprisoned and beheaded

(comparative of 'much' used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree

(comparative of 'many' used with count nouns) quantifier meaning greater in number

used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs

comparative of much


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In reply, Erasmus argues the same position More will hold thirty years later on the identical question, by explaining how Christ's perfect humanity means he truly experiences passion, distress, sorrow, even an intense fear of death.
Her research interests include Thomas More and early humanism, and she has published on More, Milton, and sixteenth-century popular poetry.
Early in the text, the author blames Richard's ambition and extreme desire to elevate himself for all his most despicable crimes and deceits, yet it becomes clear that ambition cannot be the scapegoat for the much more convoluted rhetorical intricacies that accompany, perhaps even produce.
More and Vergil might be considered unlikely advocates of the voice and influence they both ascribe to Elizabeth Woodville Grey in their narratives of Richard III.
Mr More Snr runs Stockportbased Commercial Insurance and Legal Services Ltd -one of the most successful private investigations and fraud detection agencies in the country.
For Bonami, the Biennale's fractured structure is not simply an answer to the problem of the "Grand Show," but more important, it serves as a response to the shadowy threat of globalization, the "waning of individuality and uniqueness.
And therfor wished I the last tyme after you were gone / when I felt my selfe (to sey the trowth) evyn a litell wery / that I had not so told you styll a long tale alone / but that we had more often enterchaungid wordes / and partid the talke betwene vs, with [ofter] enterparlyng vppon your part / in such maner as lernid men vse betwene the persons / whom they devise disputyng in their faynid diologes.
While the lives of many of the women she chooses to explore are already familiar, More brings to her narrative some fresh archival material.
He admits that More was "an ironical if not sarcastic husband" (145) but reminds us that he took the education of women seriously and considered them peers to men in native intelligence.
Faith No More was a weird band with a weird success story, and it made sense that we didn't get along," says Imperial Teen singer-guitarist Roddy Bottum, who was also Faith No More's keyboardist.
Those Americans still suffering from a Great Society hangover are far more comfortable praising a saxophonist dead of a heroin overdose than a general with an iron moral center, a rich family life, and a capacity not only to gain this nation's highest office but also to set the standard for a new century's presidencies.
But the moments that remain most clearly in the memory are smaller and more tender: the lyrical flights of colour in the concourses, the internal bridges in the design school, the cafeterias among the luxuriant tropical vegetation.
The skyrocketing popularity of our existing flagship MoreVRP enterprise software suites is a clear indication of the value that MORE affords users seeking sophisticated yet easy-to-use database performance optimization capabilities," said Eliran Malki, CEO, MORE.
THOMAS MORE MARRIED TWICE and both of his wives were short in stature.