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Canadian novelist (born in 1931)


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Klein, Irving Layton, and Leonard Cohen, and novelist Mordecai Richler.
Barney's Version" is based on a 1997 book of the same name by a Montreal author, Mordecai Richler.
Not only was it a common occurrence that garnered no press attention; it was in fact a bit of a game, immortalized by writers like the novelist Mordecai Richler and poet Irving Layton.
A talented wordsmith, Schnitzer has been compared with Mordecai Richler, Michael Ondaatje.
The finality of that announcement, made when the author was still writing at the top of her form and seemed to be in good health, was somehow more shocking than hearing about the deaths of Timothy Findley and Mordecai Richler had been a few years before.
In an article published a few years after the release of Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang in 1975, Mordecai Richler located the literary origins of his book for children in British literature of the nineteenth century.
As one of Canada's most influential novelists and public figures, a scholarly biography of Mordecai Richler has been long in coming.
It puts Joseph Boyden in the company of Giller laureates like Margaret Atwood, Rohinton Mistry, Alice Munro, Michael Ondaatje, Mordecai Richler, and M.
The Canadian literary award comes with membership to an elite group of writers, including Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Alice Munro and Mordecai Richler and a $50,000 payday The award was announces at a gala event held in Toronto on Nov.
Scott, de Leonard Cohen et de Mordecai Richler s'integrent etonnamment bien dans une histoire somme toute partagee par les deux cultures linguistiques depuis deux siecles.
A work of humor and insight, this audiobook edition of "The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz" features original music and sound effects, is abridged by the author Mordecai Richler, superbly narrated by Paul Hecht, and is the impressive reproduction of an archival recording which first aired on CBC Radio in 1980.
y sus compatriotas laboristas Keir Hardie y Ramsay MacDonald; finalmente, los quebequeses Mordecai Richler, Jean Lesage y Pierre Trudeau.
Calling Mordecai Richler (1931-2001) the greatest of all Jewish-Canadian writers does not, at first, seem like much of a compliment to him.
Mordecai Richler won the first Outstanding Screenplay Genie in 1980 for The Wordsrnith.
Recommends: Barney's Version by Mordecai Richler Knopf Canada--1997