black pudding

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a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

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2 Verter los huevos batidos sobre la morcilla y cuajar a fuego suave removiendo constantemente para que el revuelto resulte muy cremoso.
But do the repairs early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the heat of the sun is more bearable," Morcilla told Inquirer Property.
Morcilla said that pieces of cloth can be put on top of the sticky sealants so that these could be pressed onto the holes or cracks without sticking to one's hands.
Morcilla offered a solution: "Install an aluminum, stainless or nylon screen on the whole length of your gutter to keep leaves out.
The Morcilla recipe is from a restaurant called El Majuelo in Salamanca and is very typical of Northern Spain.
Serve with crusty bread and bread sticks Morcilla de Burgos with Granny Smith apple Ingredients: 400g of Morcilla de Burgos ; 1 Granny Smith apple; 350g of caster sugar; 200g salted butter Method:Toffee apple; Cut 1/2 the apple into 5 segments, dip in a lemon and water mix to preserve.
Take morcilla out of skin and mix with ' of the Granny Smith finely sliced.
He thought the spiciness of the morcilla was challenging and a little intensive, but the poached egg calmed down the flavours alittle.
de alubias asturianas (de colmillo o de peon) llamadas <<fabes>> * 1 morcilla * 1 chorizo * 200 gr.
Al freir la morcilla de Burgos, la piel tiende a encogerse y
Si os interesa desgrasar la morcilla, podeis cocinarla sin piel 2
de punta de jamon * 1 chorizo * 1 morcilla de cebolla *
Este aperitivo resulta ligero a pesar de ser de morcilla, porque el mango suaviza su potencia.
1 morcilla de arroz PURE DE MANGO: * 2 mangos o 150 gr.