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Synonyms for decline

Synonyms for decline

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

to slope downward

to become lower in quality, character, or condition

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

a downward slope or distance

Synonyms for decline

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In their pathetic attempts to be accepted and move with the times, the Royals have more than contributed to the sad moral decline of our society.
Khatami's opponents see a society in severe moral decline.
Why should we allow conservatives to talk about a moral decline in America, when the real problems that families have to deal with are these very practical, kitchen-table realities?
The results indicate that Americans strongly equate religious beliefs with personal ethics and behavior and consider them an antidote to the moral decline they perceive in our nation today.
Buchanan chose Foster just one day after releasing a statement in which he complained that in the United States today, "Rampant homosexuality, a sign of cultural decadence and moral decline from Rome to Weimar, is celebrated.
Right-wing Christian politicians and their religious supporters in the Christian Coalition and Focus on the Family have exploited recent school shootings as a sign of moral decline in the United States.
By establishing this doubly ironic relationship among his poem, "The Waste Land," and the Shakespearean "original," Hayden undermines the cultural nostalgia that Eliot characteristically imposes upon such passages: the search among the ruins for a once-coherent civilization, the pained intimations of moral decline, the longing almost beyond hope for some reconstruction of the fragmented past that might bring spiritual redemption.
America is in a moral decline caused by something much bigger than a citizen's hallowed right to bear arms.
It also highlighted the insidious moral decline into which the ANC is unconsciously sliding by associating itself with such ostentatious consumption, even if such events do raise funds for a worthy cause.
The novelist also laments the moral decline of the youth, ethnic and social divide, factional fighting and exploitation in the name of Islam.
Once again, Paulo Rangel has provided the public with a reasoned appeal to reject the empty, detrimental values of those who populate Renata Leoa, and does so within the parameters of a well-balanced novel whose "happy ending," paradoxically, only belies continued moral decline.
The study does not altogether avoid the mistake of attributing to the text a more specific reading than is warranted on closer examination (a gnomic motif -- that avarice is the root of moral decline -- is, for example, taken to refer to Frederich II's distribution of funds to gain supporters, pp.
Fair or not, Clinton has become a symbol of moral decline.
Barrett, who is also an ordained minister, continued: "As a stock broker and in my personal investing I have always avoided investing in securities of companies which contribute to the moral decline in our great nation.
Despite massive social problems director of UKCrimeStats Dan Lewis says offences have more to do with secularism and moral decline than poverty.