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Synonyms for decline

Synonyms for decline

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

to slope downward

to become lower in quality, character, or condition

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

a downward slope or distance

Synonyms for decline

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The decline in religious observance and attendance at worship are a major contributory factor in the social and moral decline of these countries.
Corruption is the result of moral decline and must be eradicated.
Instead of fretting about minorities, feminists, and undocumented immigrants leading a culture of moral decline in the United States, Murray cited figures showing declining levels of employment and marriage among working-class whites as evidence that America's "civil religion," its "founding virtues," had been eroded.
And the moral decline of America continues because of it.
Kozyra's well-known photographic installation Olympia, 1996, and the video installations The Bathhouse, 1997, and Men's Bathhouse, 1999, which deal with nudity and aging in a provocative and highly voyeuristic manner, acquired significance in her homeland a few years later, not just because they questioned the limits of what separates public from private, but also because for some they illustrated the moral decline of Poland as the country embraced capitalism and the free-market economy--even as for others they conveyed the promise of a new freedom.
Since that time our nation has spiraled in moral decline.
This moral decline is not what the majority of people want, it is the result of exploitation by a vociferous minority whose only criterion is their own selfish gain.
This negative portrayal of young people is causing a clear generational gap as the media makes out all young people are 'hoodies' and 'thugs', and that our generation is responsible for a climate of moral decline and a culture of anti-social behaviour.
Moreover, the autonomous moral decline of Western society has also contributed to the fact that recipients often abuse public assistance for purposes not designed by the welfare state.
Rashi states that the Sotah problem, symptom of moral decline, develops from society's neglect of obligations due to the Kohen (discussed in Numbers 5:5-10).
A moral decline according to the poll by ComRes, 4.
The work is created in a wide range of media that convey multiple aspects of our complex contemporary world, including shifting cultural values and sociopolitical issues such as affluence, ecological pollution, homelessness, sexuality, endangered mental health, and spiritual and moral decline.
He contrasts America's war for ''economic interests'' and moral decline with Germany's new superiority.
More heart-breaking evidence of the shocking moral decline of this country is demonstrated by the fact that even footballers are no longer beyond reproach in the honesty stakes.
There is a chorus of voices in contemporary culture decrying humanity's moral decline (Bork, 1996; Bouza, 1996; Fukuyama, 1999; Green, 1994).