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In fact, the moral suasion ideology Delany propagated, and which shaped the Black abolitionist movement in the first half of the nineteenth century, was predicated on the belief that Blacks were enslaved and discriminated against due largely to the deficiencies of their condition, rather than race.
The moral suasion approach has also gained ground as RBI is opposed to issuing sovereign bonds as it feels that the cost of such an issue would outweigh the benefits.
Yet, while they acknowledged the tremendous power of the organic forces of law, custom, and culture over the slaveholder's conscience and actions, they continued to insist that the moral suasion of individuals could end slavery.
But banking law lecturer, Moses Foh-Amoaning, has dismissed the Bank of Ghana's assertion that moral suasion is the only option available to it to control the interest rates charged by the commercial banks.
All of these scenarios took into account the inability of existing political organizations to achieve these changes; instead they focused on the moral suasion that the right person could exercise to convince the regime of the necessity of genuine reform.
The church hierarchy now seeks through legislative action to accomplish something it has failed to get through its own efforts at moral suasion," Lynn remarked.
He argues that American Jews have been able, to a limited extent, to exercise "ideational" or "soft" power--basically, moral suasion carried out through effective organization and public relations campaigns.
Finally, the regulatory board through its administrative procedures of establishing large entry barriers and moral suasion can reduce the number of openings in schools that prepare individuals for licensed positions.
To some extent, industry observers see the surge in sukuk issuance of recent years as a result of bankers and corporates complying with moral suasion by the regulators.
Our policy regime to date has consisted of regulations and moral suasion (think the "One tonne challenge").
He shows how, after the appearance of Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852), African American fiction had most often reflected ambivalence about the relative efficacy of moral suasion (read sentimentalism) and aggressive challenge to authority as routes to full freedom.
Leaders in the largest economies of the world have a major role to play and they need to look not just at using fiscal measures but also to use moral suasion to tackle this crisis.
These institutions give a greater voice and sense of ownership to developing countries, are more likely to rely on moral suasion rather than conditionality, and tend to benefit from smaller information asymmetries.
In addition, the Fed can use moral suasion or jaw-boning.