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the launching of a spacecraft to the moon

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The Cancer Moonshot will require integrating tremendous amounts of information to understand both the fundamental drivers of cancer and the individual nuances of how the disease manifests itself, and responds--or fails to respond--to therapy.
Compounding the problem of incomplete measures of societal outcomes from moonshot research is how little we know about the societal impact of overall R&D spending.
8 billion over a 10-year period for key biomedical research efforts including the BRAIN Initiative, the Cancer Moonshot, and the Precision Medicine Initiative.
Since the moonshot began, Biden has crisscrossed the country, touring cancer research centers, holding photo ops and meeting with doctors.
Together, the better battle plan--with the precisely targeted ammunition--could be "transformative" for cancer care, in the words of the Moonshot report.
Combining the multiple award-winning HPE Moonshot Systems and DataFinder Server Edition provides engineers with a complete, prevalidated, tested solution to manage and analyze the complexities of file-based sensor data.
On March 21, 2016, a group of 70 public health deans at institutions of higher education sent a letter to Vice President Biden urging him to place a strong emphasis on public health and prevention noting that "the cancer moonshot must incorporate the best available tools.
To that end, and in support of the cancer moonshot, we are thrilled that Johns Hopkins University will create the Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, thanks to private grants of $125 million.
Due to the abundance of improved technology and increased connectivity, Diamandis believes that we can take part in moonshot thinking.
We're calling it a 'moonshot,' and that's because I believe that this effort, like President Kennedy's call to land on the moon 55 years ago, is truly a call to humankind--to be bold and do big things," said Vice President Joe Biden before the first Cancer Moonshot Task Force meeting on Feb.
The Moonshot Coup in association with Studio on 4th presents Two Nights with The Delbert Anderson Trio and Lance Canales and The Flood.
Perhaps, even more than Larry Page, whose penchant for moonshot is sometimes so long- term that it can be considered to be illogical.
With limited funding, but extraordinary levels of passion, Michael launched a moonshot (called "New York City [Steady] State") a few years ago with his Terreform Center for Advanced Urban Research (terreform.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Google's research arm, Google X, is called the company's Moonshot Factory.
0 with support for OpenStack clouds and HP Moonshot Systems.