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an often derogatory term for a member of the Unification Church

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As a religious organisation the Moonies were often caught up - to their detriment - in controversy, both here and abroad, but public reaction to the broom-brandishing exercise was very favourable.
He provides the full set of tools for loading and unloading the moonies as well as a straightening tool in case you bend one.
Not so obvious, however, has been Pyongyang's interest in the Moonies.
Father Gabriele Amorth, Rome's chief exorcist, has said that in recent times Milingo was targeted and brainwashed by the Moonies who "caught him in a moment of discouragement and depression.
RELIGIOUS cult the Moonies have made a bid to buy struggling Queens Park Rangers.
Whether aimed at Roman Catholics, Mormons, Spiritualists, and Theosophists in the nineteenth century or Moonies, Hare Krishnas, Scientologists, and New Agers at the end of the twentieth, the content and tone of anti-cult rhetoric has remained similar.
Like her former sister-in-law, she's spreading the wicked word about the Moonies in the hope it will stop people joining her father's cult.
While the Moonies may occasionally have exercised questionable influence in the past, that's no longer the case.
We don't appreciate this stuff about our being lazy," says Steve Dunlap, who started out creating T-shirts but more recently marketed Moonies dolls and the talking dog collar, "Pet Peeves.
At his funeral will thousands of Moonies show respect by flashing their bare backsides as he passes?
Members of the church, known as Moonies, have entered a 13-day mourning period of mourning.
Please though someone, that theme tune with its piercing trumpet and massed choral chanting of "Onnnnne, Onnnnee" is like being brainwashed by some jazz-loving Moonies.
It's not just their wealth which has made City less popular among neutrals; it's the fact that, even in their darker days, the Blue Moonies always used to play with a certain joie de vivre.
THE founder of the Moonies cult was injured yesterday when his helicopter crashed into a mountain and burst into flames.
They were all members of the Unification Church, otherwise known as Moonies because of their allegiance to the Rev Sun Myung Moon.