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an often derogatory term for a member of the Unification Church

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Steven Hassan, who escaped the clutches of radical religious sect the Moonies, has spent 40 years helping other cult members leave extremist groups across the globe.
The UK North Sea region will remain split between Moonie and Arnold, with Moonie retaining all Bibby Offshore projects and Arnold all Bril projects.
ON SHOW: Carolynne Moonie with some of her work AC140313Bar t-
Five sites were selected, each with all land uses, three in the Moonie catchment and two in the Condamine, all roughly 100km apart by road (Table 1, Fig.
Lord Moonie, a former defence minister, also faces separate questions over his decision to give a Parliamentary pass to someone previously stripped of such access because of hisarms industry lobbying links.
Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who married a Korean manicurist five years ago in a Moonie ceremony but then left her after being threatened with excommunication, has announced that he's taking up the cause of reconciling the hierarchy with Catholic priests who left ordained ministry to marry.
Moonie said the first aircraft will be delivered to the UK's Royal Air Force by the end of June.
In India, a bizarre echo of Romeo and Juliet as a couple strangle their 16-year-old daughter for dating a boy of a different caste, while a Zambian Roman Catholic bishop who upset the Pope by marrying in a Moonie ceremony repents - and abandons his new wife.
Junior Defense Minister Lewis Moonie told parliament that the gratuity would be paid to former POWs, their widows and civilian internees.
Fifteen-year-old Moonie Potter (beautifully played by newcomer Liane Balaban) is a misfit stuck in her own hometown where young women leave in only one way, and it's not by choice.
The Unification Church, the so-called Moonie sect, has a huge supply of mysterious cash, presumably from Asia - and part of it is going to ex-President George Bush.
Has Washington's notorious "Loony Moonie Rag" finally (gasp
Hardly a primitive, Moonie was selected in 1988 as Lane County, Oregon's Tree Farmer of the Year.