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a volcanic island in the Caribbean

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If people call us refugee we still Montserratians and we should do what ever it takes to hold on to the Montserrat culture.
I have also noted another area of conflict that posed challenges in maintaining a Montserrat identity--"cultural equalizing," The placing of relocated Montserratians in a "refugee" category to allow them to have basic social services has rendered differences of culture and socio-economic strata into one "refugeeness.
It is a common practice for relocated Montserratians to chat about "what's happening at home" whenever and wherever they meet.
Janice Panton and Robert Archer assert that relocated Montserratians have suffered a double loss--loss of house and possessions, and loss of the society itself.
In this context, therefore, relocated Montserratians remain in a limbo, somewhere between self-identity and pan-ethnicity, a gap that even the acquisition of several identities would find difficult to bridge.
Clearly, a BDTO status has positioned Montserratians in a political limbo.
However, for Montserratians who were forced to relocate to England because of an ongoing volcanic crisis, and whose host is their colonizer, this seems a tall, if not impossible, order.
Battling with the ever-shifting, contradictory identities together with the fallout of forced migration has left relocated Montserratians with insufficient spatial and temporal reins to create situations where they can negotiate their "in-between" spaces with a view to constructing a solid political/national identity.
An emotional attachment to land defines a "sense of place" for relocated Montserratians whose identity is geographically rather than politically defined.
Britain had pledged over US$60 million in aid over the past two years, but Montserratians were seeing precious little relief.
Thanks in part at least to the El Nino weather system, which has reduced hurricane risk in the Caribbean, Montserratians have had no call to use their packed hurricane shelters this season.
As stories of suffering, confusion, and neglect began to emerge, Montserratians wanted to know who was responsible.
Those Montserratians who remain do not want to leave their island.
I hope the aid from the concert will be more efficiently channeled than any government help so far," commented Donald Romeo, a Montserratian who has taken the plight of his fellow islanders to heart.