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Montserrat is now an island of just under 6000 people, experiencing an on-going volcanic eruption that began in 1995, Montserratians remain the majority but migrants from Jamaica, Guyana and the Dominican Republic are a significant part of the population.
As a place Montserrat is part of, and plays a part in, colonial history, regional migration and geopolitical relations that stretch to the UK and the European Union, at the same time, as being home to generations of Montserratians.
I was left with many questions that I felt inadequately skilled or knowledgeable enough to answer: How could I justify being a white British woman writing about black Montserratian women and men?
Montserratians are very independent and prefer living alone, "living comfortable.
Montserratians originated from Irish plantation owners and African slaves, and they celebrate St Patrick's Day, possibly more than the Irish.
Montserratians we call ourselves Colonists they call us No anthem No flag No heroes
If people call us refugee we still Montserratians and we should do what ever it takes to hold on to the Montserrat culture.
Britain had pledged over US$60 million in aid over the past two years, but Montserratians were seeing precious little relief.
Thanks in part at least to the El Nino weather system, which has reduced hurricane risk in the Caribbean, Montserratians have had no call to use their packed hurricane shelters this season.
Not enough is known about the volcano's patterns and whether activity will increase or tail off, so for some Montserratians the volcano has become just another part of everyday life to be ignored.
Now, in a startling twist that reflects a major change in immigration politics, the Department of Homeland Security is ordering the 292 Montserratians to leave by the end of February--not because it is safe to go home again, but because it is not going to be safe anytime soon, reports The NY Times (Aug.
The defeat was a big blow for the Montserrat football authorities which had beefed up the national team by arranging trials for Britishbased Montserratians in the UK last year.
Hundreds of Montserratians fled to neighboring countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, because of the eruptions.
The jobless rate remained low at 7% despite an influx of an estimated 3,000 Montserratians since the volcano on that island started to erupt in July 1995.