Jacques Etienne Montgolfier

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French inventor who (with his brother Josef Michel Montgolfier) pioneered hot-air ballooning (1745-1799)


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The first recorded experiment by the Montgolfier brothers was not until September 1782 at Avignon.
The idea for hot-air balloons came to the Montgolfier brothers when they watched smoke rise from a fire.
Our inspiration comes from the centuries-old Montgolfiere balloons named after the two French Montgolfier brothers who flew the first hot-air balloon by burning a pile of wool and old shoes in 1783.
com) that has so far signed the Montgolfier Brothers, Outrageous Cherry, Arnold, El Vez, Mission Control and Selofane Seventy Four.
They include The Montgolfier Brothers, "a dreary-sounding duo from Salford" and El Vez, "an Elvis-inspired Mexican homosexual".
The Montgolfier brothers are sending a big balloon up into the air above the earth," Father excitedly told Maurice, Marie, and their mother.
He was a friend of the Montgolfier brothers, who made the first balloon ascensions.
In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers first publicly demonstrated their hot-air balloon, which did not carry any passengers, over Annonay, France.
David said: "In 1783 it was an incredibly brave thing to do although the Montgolfier brothers didn't actually go in the balloon themselves.
What form of transport did the Montgolfier brothers invent?
On This Day: 1783: Francois de Rozierand the Marquis d'Arlandres made the first human flight in a hot-air balloon built by the Montgolfier brothers.
The Montgolfier brothers launched the first hot-air balloon near Paris, France in 1783.