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an English nobleman who led the baronial rebellion against Henry III (1208-1265)

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The concert will begin at 7pm, at De Montfort Hall, Leicester.
Also, at the meeting, Montfort gave a report from the state regarding the amount of money generated from gaming machines within the city.
Guest speakers were Dr Nicole Lux of De Montfort, author of the research paper, and Emma Huepfl, co-principal of Laxfield Capital, which produces the Laxfield Debt Market Barometer.
They cover the history of Montfort Castle; Montfort Castle after the Crusader period; architecture, function, design, and construction; finds from the 1926 Metropolitan Museum of New York expedition to Montfort, and new research.
Researchers from De Montfort and Leicester universities used 3D software and the tool to match both simulated and real images of Beagle 2 to establish how sunlight would have reflected off the panels.
This rich history is the backdrop for a compelling story of two men who unknowingly love the same woman and yet become comrades against a common enemy: Simon de Montfort, the Church's sadistic crusader.
MOLLY Hatt started her story at Henley College Coventry on a Level 3 business course straight from school and progressed to the HND in Business, which is run in partnership with De Montfort University.
The flags stem from an educational journey undertaken by children in over 450 primary schools to discover the importance of elected representation in the UK Parliament - a project developed to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the Simon de Montfort parliament (1265).
LAHORE -- Dr Amjad Hussain, Assistant Professor of the Punjab University College of Pharmacy, completed his PhD from De Montfort University, United Kingdom under a joint venture.
Eleanor de Montfort has been overshadowed in scholarly literature by her more famous husband, Simon.
Ian D Montfort, Ivan Brackenbury and Anthony J Brown are the trio out to provide the laughs next ursday, July 17, at 8pm.
Summary: Keele University and De Montfort University continue to demonstrate strong student enrolment notwithstanding
Well known palindromists dominated the SymmyS nominations and awards, starting with the World Palindrome Championship finalists: Jon Agee, John Connett, MIT Professor Nick Montfort, Barry Duncan (about whom The Believer wrote a much-publicized feature article), Doug Fink, and Martin Clear of Australia.
19 -- An eight-member team of boys and girls from Montfort School of New Delhi will be visiting Richmond College, Galle from 16-25 February 2013 under the aegis of the Student Exchange Programme of the India-Sri Lanka Foundation.