Monte Bianco

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the highest mountain peak in the Alps

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Easily accessible from Turin, Milan and Geneva airports, or by car through the Mont Blanc tunnel, and surrounded by some of the biggest peaks in Europe, Aosta Valley boasts outstanding scenery under the watchful eye of Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc 4810m), Monte Rosa (4634m) and the Matterhorn (4478m).
The Monte Bianco Toothbrush replaces just the very head of the brush and you can buy three heads for under three pounds from ecotopia.
Bright Sun pillars, such as this outstanding example captured after the Sun had descended behind Monte Bianco in Italy, are due to ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere with their flat surfaces aligned horizontally.
The European Commission decided at its weekly meeting on 16 May to authorise an extension of the Mont Blanc Tunnel concession held by the Societa Italiana del Traforo del Monte Bianco (SITMB), to enable the company to comply with the new safety rules for tunnels introduced unilaterally by the Italian and French authorities and adopted following the fatal fire disaster in the Mont Blanc Tunnel in March 1999.
The mountain on the label could just as well be Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc to the French) for both of these giants loom over this tiny mountain region named for Caesar Augustus, and no doubt his Roman legions influenced the cheesemaking there.
And when you're Christmas shopping, pop into a Costa shop and try the Monte Bianco - a white chocolate caffe latte topped with whipped cream and marshmallows.