Montagu's harrier

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brownish European harrier

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Montagu's harrier Mo is protected by law but disappeared suddenly without trace - even though she has a satellite tracker tag - fuelling speculation she was illegally shot.
Numbers of Montagu's Harriers that use Khelcom either for foraging or as a night roost are maximally 5000-6000 individuals (Mullie & Gueye 2009).
Only once two adult Montagu's Harriers were observed flying amongst a herd of over 200 cattle catching flushed grasshoppers (Ralph Buij, in litt.
Species composition of grasshoppers captured in the field by sweep-net sampling and found as prey remains in regurgitated pellets of Montagu's Harriers, collected in night roosts, at Khelcom between January and March 2009.
as road victims in our study area, and on the contents of regurgitated pellets (see also next paragraph) collected in roosts of communal species such as White Stork, Montagu's Harrier and Lesser Kestrel, Falco naumanni, observed species were classified as acridivorous or nonacridivorous.
Based on numbers of prey items recovered from Montagu's Harrier pellets in the period January to March, grasshoppers constitute 87.
Mougeot and Arroyo tested cere reflectance in wild male Montagu's harriers in France.