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a railway having a single track

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Ritchel Gavan, chief of the Iloilo City Local Economic Investment and Promotions Office, disclosed that BYD found the city to be capable of having a monorail system.
In 2015, a feasibility study was undertaken by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-CAR) on the need for an environment-friendly monorail system to address traffic and air pollution in Baguio and La Trinidad.
They will become an icon for Wuhu city and will see more Bombardier monorail systems in other Chinese cities in the future.
The wideness of the streets and thoroughfares, particularly Main Street and Portage Avenue (40 m in each case), as well as the region's flat topography, made the city suitable for streetcar operations, a characteristic which would also become relevant during the later debate concerning the construction of a monorail system.
I think we would be making a huge mistake if we did not at least look at a monorail system.
This contract award in Saudi Arabia reinforces our position as a global leader in the supply and installation of AFC systems and we are glad to have the opportunity to work again with Bombardier in delivering the AFC portion of their monorail system supply project after having worked successfully with them on similar projects previously' said Vix ERG CEO, Steve Gallagher.
Ron Watson, a Transportation Engineer and Specialist told some journalists in Accra, over the weekend that the elevated monorail system would be eight miles in length with 16 stations during the first phase of the project and would help alleviate traffic congestion, reduce pollution and increase mobility in the Accra metropolis.
RAWALPINDI, July 7 -- Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) in collaboration with Capital Development Authority (CDA), private transport companies and Ministry of Railways would shortly launch a monorail system in the twin cities as a joint venture, said RCCI President Kashif Shabbir while talking to journalists at his office on Tuesday.
Bombardier Inc's rail division said on Monday it signed a $241 million contract to build, operate, and maintain a monorail system in the capital of Saudi Arabia.
Bo Jones of the Reedy Creek Fire Department said no one was injured when the monorail system lost power around 1am local time today.
Malaysia based Scomi Int-ernational and Geodesic Techniques of Bangalore will submit a proposal to the Karn-ataka government for commi-ssioning a monorail system in the city.
Walt Disney World has temporarily shit down its monorail system and is pending investigation.
The monorail system, in use in Tokyo since 1963, is said to be eco-friendly since it produces less noise as compared to other transport systems and is a means of mass transit.
THOSE who support the construction of a monorail system in the Birmingham area should take a trip to Spaghetti Junction and walk around the huge concrete supports of that monstrous eyesore.