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(biology) a taxonomic group with a single member (a single species or genus)

a typesetting machine operated from a keyboard that sets separate characters

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Charalambous' first solo exhibition brings forward unconventional and uncompromising work consisting of drawing, monoprint, painting and tapestry.
Using monoprints (which are single edition prints), images of various people in Tahrir are portrayed with an honesty depicted in the simple blocks of color and jagged lines.
The delicacy of an etched monoprint Wayside Shrine by Margaret Massie-Taylor contrasts with the strong black and white drawings by Sergio Gonzales in his triptych Nights of Black Moon.
The monoprint process has become one of her favourite techniques, not least because of the spontaneity and the artistic risks required.
For more than a decade and a half, Mitch Lyons has continued to use exclusively Reemay spunbonded nonwovens to create pieces such as "Fairgate," the 1992 clay monoprint featured on the opposite page.
The monoprint is a different thing, because it's a painting and drawing - and one can use that word for printmaking - but it's a painting and drawing thing.
Saw Nicola Tyson monoprint portraits today in New York at Petzel Gallery uptown.
She uses traditional print making processes such as etching on copper, colograph, stone lithography, woodcut, linocut and monoprint.
Her retrospective at Tate St Ives last year redressed the balance, and at Messums her sensuous nudes and lusciously coloured interiors--inspired by French modernists--will be shown with recent experiments in monoprint and abstract forms.
Be inspired by the Artes Mundi exhibition and work with an artist in experimenting with a wide range of materials to produce your very own monoprint.
This workshop enables participants to learn the art of bloc carving and experimenting with shadow printing, monoprint, multiple blocks and the reduction approach.
A linocut workshop will be presided by Cebu-based monoprint artist Jeffrey Sisican in the afternoon, followed by an alternative photography and zine production workshop by photographer Brian Sergio.
Somewhere Out There is a monoprint showing a breakwater and an orangey sky, and Across the Lake is a monoprint of a lake with delicate fronds of vegetation in the foreground.
These include Professor Tracey Emin's HRH Royal Britannia, a monoprint, portrait of the Queen, and sculptor John Maine's Westminster Abbey, a drawing of the Abbey's Cosmati Pavement, the spot where the Queen was crowned.
I use traditional processes such as etching on copper, colograph, stone lithography, woodcut, linocut and monoprint.