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(biology) a taxonomic group with a single member (a single species or genus)

a typesetting machine operated from a keyboard that sets separate characters

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AUSTIN, Texas, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Orna Feinstein, a mixed media artist specializing in printmaking and sculpture, is showcasing her new Panton Nemus collection of 3D and kinetic monoprints and sculptures at the O2 Gallery and Project Space, 2832 E.
ATMOSPHERIC A monoprint by Susan Dobson INSPIRED Susan Dobson and, below, drawing at Annapurna base camp
I like to do monoprints with my fourth-grade classes.
Coventry-based artist Nancy Upshall is showing a painting and also a monoprint on paper of Florence - two works in contrasting styles which could also have benefited from being hung together.
The threadbare sofa looks to have been distractedly spray-painted purple, mimicking the hue of the nearby monoprint Whole Things, 2010, which, like many of Hutchins's recent works on paper, is collaged with used objects, in this case a pair of boxer shorts and the Robert Stone paperback Dog Soldiers.
Nelson Sandgren, who died in 2006, was primarily known as a painter but also worked in a variety of print mediums, including monoprint, lithograph and woodblock print, in both black-and-white and color.
The result was a beautiful monoprint that looked like a watercolor painting.
The resulting work looks much like a black-and-white monoprint, except, of course, that they haven't been run through a press.
If you've been puzzled over the difference between a monoprint and a monotype, and are interested in learning or teaching the fine points of creating in either of these processes, this video should answer all of your questions.
Face Print of My Colors, for example, is essentially a monoprint using tinted cosmetics; but the work ultimately tells us more about makeup than about the wearer.
SURPRISE MONOPRINTS Since Glenda loves printmaking, she uses a monoprint technique to keep her students' interest until the last minute.
I especially like combining the expressive nature of a contour line portrait with the equally expressive quality of the monoprint.
The exhibition includes oil paintings exploring the theme of intervals, gaps, spaces between and their significance, prints combining monoprint and collograph techniques and a series of low reliefs.
The word monoprint or monotype is exactly what the term implies, the production of a single reverse facsimile of an image.
Gomez also received the Organizer's Award at the Triannual Monoprint Competition (Osaka, Japan, 1991) in which he competed against participants from around the world.