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a river that rises in northern West Virginia and flows north into Pennsylvania where it joins the Allegheny River at Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River

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During my time as your Governor and now as your Senator, I have continued to hear from sportsmen, sportswomen, and community leaders that we can be doing more to support, preserve and enhance the Monongahela National Forest, Senator Manchin said.
Smith's diary includes an entry confirming George Washington's death in the forest near the Monongahela River.
Additionally, about 5,500 cubic yards of tar wastes coating a one-acre area along the bottom of the Monongahela River will be removed and sent to a certified disposal facility.
We're at the assimilative capacity of the river," says David Argent, a fisheries biologist at the California University of Pennsylvania who has conducted surveys on the Monongahela.
It also expands coverage along the Monongahela River, including Ten Mile County Park, Sunset Marina, Greene Cove Yacht Club and Greene River Trail.
3 Monessen Foodland/ Market/Duritzas Market Monongahela Foodland
True, he mispronounces Monongahela, but his British accent is appropriate for a nation filled with people newly freed from the yoke of Great Britain.
Castec Inc, 1462 Delberts Drive, Monongahela, PA, 15063 tel: 724/258-8700 fax: 724/258-8793#
Undaunted by a rainy morning, volunteers turned out in full force, hiking more than a mile to the project site on the side of Spruce Knob next to Monongahela National Forest.
In 2001, Illinois named Drummer, in 1997 West Virginia named Monongahela.
At times, Washington-led battles seemed hapless; at others, such as the battle against the French at Monongahela, Washington appears kissed by destiny: He survived without a scratch though his jacket looked like Swiss cheese by the end, tattered by bullets that somehow managed to miss him.
PITTSBURGH'S EVOLUTION FROM "HELL WITH THE LID OFF" to America's "most livable city can be traced in this neighborhood across the Monongahela from the city's downtown.
Soon after midday on July 9th, after fording the Monongahela River ten miles or so from Fort Duquesne, Braddock's vanguard proceeding through the trees in their red coats were surprised by an enemy force close to 900 strong.
It is at the "Forks of the Ohio," where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers meet to form the Ohio River (see map).
of Monongahela paid a $6,500 penalty for disposing of source-separated recyclables in California.