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Synonyms for monologue

Synonyms for monologue

a long utterance by one person (especially one that prevents others from participating in the conversation)

a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor

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We need to know much more about the motivations of the platform performer, not just the political orator, but the sage-intellectual, the professional lecturer, the debater, the amateur reader, and even the comic monologist.
These maternal monologists, however, have developed a lovely retaliation.
His "necropoetics" bring long-dead voices back to life, but not with the expectation that his monologists will speak truth.
And there we have the work of Frank Bidart and other fine monologists.
She suggests that readers experience the dilemma of trying to determine whether Browning's monologists should be understood through the objectifying categories of insanity, such as moral insanity ("Porphyria"), monomania ("My Last Duchess"), or mania ("The Laboratory"), or whether they should be judged according to the rational categories of criminal and moral responsibility.
Unlike the other two monologists, however, Ulysses, in his concluding address to the mariners, articulates his appetite for new experiences and new changes that will prolong his existence:
whether certain of the monologists sacralize Pompilia (as the Pope and
Sludge and some of Browning's most famous monologists, who can be said to act like mediums.