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Synonyms for monologue

Synonyms for monologue

a long utterance by one person (especially one that prevents others from participating in the conversation)

a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor

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Figure 4 shows this algorithm's results for each of the novel's monologists.
However, many unreliable narrators are not mad monologists but somewhat untrustworthy or simply fallible.
But insofar as these writers are expressing glee at the possibility that foreign terrorists have finally rid us of talk shows ("self-improvement") and close-ups and reminiscing monologists and memoirs, then they are as wrong as they are callous and crude, for these glib excoriations of self-centeredness actually conceal the origins of their target, which lie deep in America's social and economic arrangement.
We need to know much more about the motivations of the platform performer, not just the political orator, but the sage-intellectual, the professional lecturer, the debater, the amateur reader, and even the comic monologist.
To find his equal, you have to leave the realm of monologists and delve into the novel for a recipe that combines Micawber and Scrooge, with perhaps a dash of Lady Catherine De Bourgh and a soupcon of Chichikov; or better still, a serial character like Sherlock Holmes, who proved so resilient that not even Conan Doyle could knock him off.
In Vizenor, the tribal storyteller has won the field, sending historians and monologists scurrying back toward the bankrupt center and liberating the landscape in the name of trickster.
At the center of Bellow's fiction stands a series of high-minded, earnest, and voluble monologists, prolific thinkers, stylish polemicists.
These maternal monologists, however, have developed a lovely retaliation.
Shaw makes an interesting discovery in tracking degrees of separation from the reader among Browning's monologists, arguing "[t]he less physically swayed he is, the more Browning can create conditions of deep caring and concern .
On radio, talk was the coin of the realm, cheaper than music, so the aural medium nourished the verbal shenanigans of solo monologists, comedy duos, and babbling ensembles.
Vaudeville acts ran the gamut, from the knockabout comedy of Buster Keaton and his parents to staid monologists.
It's a one-sided affair common among monologists like herself.
And there we have the work of Frank Bidart and other fine monologists.
In the second part of the show, individual minstrels performed as singers, players, dancers, monologists, and actors.
In Brown's hands, the strange trip becomes a real tour-de-force recalling the best work of such monologists as Lily Tomlin and Spalding Gray.