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consisting of only one type

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A monogeneric atheriniform family with the parasphenoid concave rather than convex, parasphenoid myodomes present; mesethmoid morphology unique, nasal septum formed by ethmoid and mesethmoid; parietals not contributing to posttemporal fossa; anterior vertebral parapophyses with lateral ridges; interdorsals absent; cleithrum dorsal enclosure absent; membrane just posterior to genital opening; and pelvic posteromedial process elongate.
The Pararchaeidae and Holarchaeidae are monogeneric families of small (0.
I measured 14 habitat variables within 12 Colombian farms classified into four management systems at the Risaralda region of Colombia: Forests, Polygeneric Shaded coffee, Monogeneric Shaded coffee and Sun coffee plantations.
Glaucosoma hebraicum is one of four members of the monogeneric family Glaucosomatidae, which also includes the pearl perch (Glaucosoma scapulare) that is fished commercially and recreationally in eastern Australia (McKay, 1997).
The most common invertebrates found were nematodes (9 specimens) and monogeneric trematodes (3 specimens).
The monogeneric Griseliniaceae exhibits a South American-New Zealand disjunction, with a greater number of species in austral South America (5 spp.
Indeed, recent molecular analyses have confirmed these observations and Oleandra is now placed in the monogeneric Oleandraceae as sister to the clades containing the old world Davalliaceae and cosmopolitan Polypodiaceae (Tsutsumi and Kato, 2006; Schuettpelz and Pryer, Fern Phylogeny.
The genus has been classified as the monogeneric family Trapaceae, or under the the superfluous illegitimate name Hydrocaryaceae, or has been erroneously included in the unrelated Plantaginaceae (formerly Trapellaceae).