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any of several compounds containing chlorine and nitrogen


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Dichloramine is more volatile and more irritating to the respiratory system than monochloramine, but it does not persist as a vapor in the air (2) and decomposes rapidly in water.
In particular chlorine compounds including dissolved chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide, NaCIO and monochloramine can react with the biofilm and other dissolved organic compound to produce a class of chemicals known as trihalomethanes or THM.
Offering single- or dual-sensor input with an unrestricted choice of dual measurements, the Rosemount Analytical Model 1056 intelligent analyzer is designed to reduce the cost per loop and save panel space, and can measure: turbidity, flow, pH/ORP/ISE, resistivity/conductivity, percent concentration, chlorine (free, total, monochloramine, pH-independent free chlorine), oxygen, ozone, and temperature.
Leaking lead The water disinfectant monochloramine dissolved lead in laboratory experiments, a finding that might explain increased lead in some drinking-water supplies (169: 333).
The system provides an entire panel of key water quality tests including measurements for pH, ORP, conductivity, free chlorine, total chlorine, monochloramine and many more.
This study investigates the potential synergistic effects between primary disinfection with ultraviolet (UV) radiation and secondary chlorine-based disinfectants, and compares the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide, free chlorine, and monochloramine for limiting bacterial regrowth in the presence of UV disinfection.
Specifically, we need food grade nitrile and EPDM rubber compounds that are resistant to monochloramine solution by using ASTM D6284 test procedure, so that the volume swell is under control.
based on taste and odor characteristics, monochloramine is the preferred form.
Lab studies show that activated carbons derived from a variety of starting materials exhibit some affinity for monochloramine removal.
Contract notice: Performing a biocide treatment plant (cte) injection of monochloramine in belleville.
Ulcerogenic and healing impairing actions of monochloramine in rat stomachs: effects of zinc L-carnosine, polaprezinc.
These measures include routine microbial analyses of tap water and use of waterborne pathogen prevention and control measures such as hot water flushing of plumbing; use of chlorination, chlorine dioxide, monochloramine, copper-silver ionization, or ultraviolet light; ozonation; and point-of-use water filtration.