Mongol dynasty

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the imperial dynasty of China from 1279 to 1368

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The Yuan Mongol dynasty collapsed in China in 1368, but it continued in Mongolia under the title 'Northern Yuan Mongol dynasty'.
Eventually, in about 1470, the descendant of the Northern Yuan Mongol dynasty, named Dayan Khan (Batu Mongke), reunified the various tribes; ruled the Nation of the Mongols by appointing his sons as the Chieftains of various tribes.
The time period covers mostly stories in the past 300 years, but one chapter takes us back to the thirteenth century and the Mongol dynasty.
After a short background, part 2 deals with the political and economic relations between the Ilkhanate, the Mongol dynasty in Iran (1260-1335), and the Mongol-Yuan dynasty in China (1271-1368).
As is the case in the description of many imperialistic civilizations, the Mongol dynasty, which ruled China in the thirteenth century, must have attracted Marco's interest much more than the Chinese subjects.