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Synonyms for Mongol

a member of the nomadic peoples of Mongolia

of or relating to the region of Mongolia or its people or their languages or cultures


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The Erdenes Mongol LLC is introducing the standard, which plays important role in decreasing the corruption index of Mongolia,reducing risks of the corruption in organizations and participating in international projects and programs.
They are driven by their desire to share the power and magic of the rich Mongol traditions and culture, and their performances have for years been impressing people all over the world.
This new study introduces an English-speaking audience to the remarkable discoveries off the coast of Takashima, Japan, where the Mongol (ex-Song) navy sank in 1281.
We're more than 1600 miles in and on our way to Budapest for my 40th birthday after a cracking night at the official Mongol Rally Czechout party in Prague.
The Mongol Rally, which this year starts on July 16, is more of an adventure than a timed event and vehicles are set up to give long-distance comfort.
The goal is to understand the motivations and actual events in order to resolve controversies about Mongol history and culture.
Great empires make for great tales, something especially true for the Mongol Empire, which, through brutal conflict, bloody battles, and a relentless thirst for warfare, spread over the steppes of Central Asia, from Vietnam and Korea in the East, to Poland, Hungary, and Lithuania in the West.
Genghis Khan and the Mongol horde's activities are widely known but not always in detail.
Mongols on the Silk Road: Trade, Transportation, and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Mongol Empire.
The collection, known as the "Afghan Geniza," consists of some 250 documents from the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, before the Mongol invasion began.
THREE friends are going to drive around 12,000 miles in a one-litre Nissan Micra as part of the 2016 Mongol Rally.
Autor de novela, poesia, teatro, cuento, ensayo e historia, Rafael Bernal (1915-1972), tambien traductor y diplomatico, es sobre todo conocido y valorado por su novela El complot mongol (1969).
These marriage/political alliances entwined Russian and Turkic, and then Turko-Mongol, elites for centuries, long past the Mongol period.
Part 3, "The Missions with the Mongol Empire," treats the missionary movement during the "established" period of the Mongol Empire.
The World History of Rashid al–Din was written in 1314 by the prime minister of an ancient Mongol kingdom and was gifted to Edinburgh University in 1876.