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a market for short-term debt instruments

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No fees and/or gates on government money market funds
Institutional and retail money market fund plans move forward
A former journalist, he discovered three months ago that when he deposited several thousand dollars into his money market account at a brokerage firm, the money did not begin to earn interest until five business days later.
Imagine a customer who deposits $10,000 into a money market account at Quick & Reilly.
This course covers the fundamentals of the money markets.
the constituent parts of the money markets and the different types of participants
27 /PRNewswire/ -- Because of recent interest expressed in money market mutual funds, the Investment Company Institute is providing the following paper on how money market mutual funds work.
Money market mutual funds are professionally managed pools of short- term securities whose shares are offered to the public.
STN Money Markets enables corporate treasurers to trade more than 150 money market funds through a single connection, while helping accounting and audit teams to seamlessly track and report on outstanding holdings.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Assets of the nation's 588 money market mutual funds rose by $9.
STN Money Markets customers will now have seamless access to commercial paper and CD's from more than 80 issuers, plus 100 money market funds from 25 different fund families.
We see attractive opportunities in the multi-trillion dollar money market, because it is currently supported by relatively unsophisticated technology despite being a high volume commodity business.
Today's announcement further reaffirms our position as a leading supplier of complete global money markets coverage.
Government Securities Savings Fund has consistently outperformed the average government money market fund, six-month CDs and bank money markets while offering free check-writing privileges, daily dividend income (which is exempt from state and local taxes), electronic deposits, penalty-free withdrawals and monthly statements.
In the realm of portfolio reporting, trading and investment analysis, one of our strengths is fixed income management, including very strong money markets capabilities," said Jonathan Underhill, general manager of PORTIA.