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someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

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para]]The Premier Private Money Lender Offers New Loan Products to Residential Rental and Fix/Flip Investors[[/para]]
It is these private money lenders who help terrorists and drugs mafia in expanding their businesses.
The apex bank said that it is worried that people are taking bigger loans from money lenders for longer periods of time.
Carli Hay, community engagement officer at West YorKshire Joint Services, said the term "illegal money lender" does not refer to the high-cost lenders who often advertise on TV, although these Kind of money lenders can sometimes cause problems as well.
The other real benefit is that hard money lenders can be flexible and overlook certain issues that banks cannot.
We need people to pass on the information that can help get these illegal money lenders shut down.
The BJP while submitting their point of view in parliament, they were supporting the money lenders, they were supporting the commission agents, ignoring the claims of the farmers, ignoring the employment generation and also the consumers protection," the minister told reporters in southern Chennai city on Saturday (December 08).
He had borrowed heavily from money lenders and had defaulted on five to six credit cards.
People who go to illegal money lenders often feel they've exhausted all legal lending options, might not have access to affordable credit, or don't know about alternatives like social funds or grants.
Sandwell's Six Towns Credit Union is one of many set up to stop people falling prey to unscrupulous money lenders.
Vayalar Ravi said he would ask the state governments to seriously look into the complaints from debt-ridden expatriates' families who are threatened and tortured by money lenders.
A pilot scheme has been launched to redistribute pounds 3,000 taken from illegal money lenders through the courts.
A BRITISH pensioner missing in Bahrain for more than two months was heavily in debt to several local money lenders, it has emerged.
Under these circumstances, many poor families in India struggle to send their children to school, and often borrow from money lenders who charge extremely high interest rates--even as much as 10 per cent per day
The council says unscrupulous money lenders are operating on some of the largest housing estates across the borough and charging interest rates rocketing into the thousands.