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Synonyms for monochrome

painting done in a range of tones of a single color

Related Words

a black-and-white photograph or slide

having or appearing to have only one color

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com is priced at PS85 and is the height of girly chic | This prom dress by Apricot puts a stylish slant on monchrome to ensure you'll stand out.
uk CLASSICALLY CHIC * Add a touch of monchrome magic to your home with these side tables, measuring in at just 52cm tall.
Julie's blinds soften the kitchen's monchrome look and a client made them for her for under pounds 30.
Guests at the exclusive event (which costs pounds 25 or pounds 75 including a five course dinner) will be drawing their inspiration from the former queens of the screen who oozed monchrome elegance in their hour-glass figure hugging dresses -their arms, necks and ears dripping with jewels.
The $1799 WY-X5 comes with a flat, 17-inch, non-interlaced monchrome display and 1280 x 1024 resolution with a flicker-free, 70-Hz refresh rate.
Canon's proprietary Bubble Jet technology offers the highest resolution for this class of MFPs at 1440x720 dots per inch (dpi) resolution at print speeds faster than most in its class at nine pages per minute (ppm) in monchrome (using the optional BC-30e cartridge) and four ppm in color; the Super G3 facsimile features both black and color high speed faxing at 33.