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Hungarian playwright (1878-1952)

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Both Molnar and a conflict-of-interest notice written by Legal Aid Services of Oregon - the nonprofit agency that represented Molnar for free in the case - allege that Hoyle threatened the government funding of Legal Aid and the other nonprofit agency suing Rosales, the Fair Housing Council of Oregon, if the groups did not drop the case.
Molnar, a pioneer in pediatric rehabilitation, to recognize and honor her worldwide contributions as one of the founders of the 1/4ueld of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, and to continue her work through annual pediatric PM&R research and leadership grants.
The sliders idea ''just took off like a rocket,'' says Molnar, a Detroiter who studied at Chicago's Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.
With a university degree from Brussels, Molnar was open to a number of inspirations: aristocratic conservatism between the two world wars, the Scholastic renewal of the nineteenth century, the ontological turn in philosophy in the 1920s, the air of a new beginning among refugee intellectuals in the United States, and Central European legal traditions.
Molnar joined Genentech in 2006 as group manager of forecasting and business analysis.
Mr Molnar was assaulted after he put his glass down on Flynn's group's table at about 11pm on April 24 last year.
It's also clear that Molnar appreciates the wisdom in mixed programming of visual, stylistic, and musical variety.
The perimeter has been established and we believe the suspect is within the quarantined area," Molnar said.
Molnar studies this effect given our society's growing concern over childhood obesity.
Rescuers were stunned to find Donna Molnar, who was located by a police search dog in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.
Aa The exhibition has been two years in the making, and is curated by Edit Molnar and Aleya Hamza, resident curators at the Cairo Image Collective.
Dear Sergeant Honey is a collection of true-life letters and diary entries of WAC Hildegarde Molnar, who served overseas in World War II.
Denes Molnar, professor and head of the department of pediatrics at the University of Pecs (Hungary).
But months later, they still have not received the visas - and boss Clare Molnar has started her own new life in Australia.
Agilent has also announced the appointment of William Molnar as vice president and general manager of its Stratagene Division, of which Agilent completed its acquisition in June (see IBO 4/15/07).