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a region of south central Italy

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Author affiliations: Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise G.
Yet, also in a quite homogenous region as Molise we could observe substantial differences in dietary habits and consequent health outcomes.
Molise Borgo di Colloredo, Falanghina, Italy, 2008 ($15.
The visit's first stop was Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park where the team was hosted by the Park in the traditional Apennine village of Opi.
Biferno is in the "little known", according to the Wine Atlas, region of Molise on southern Italy's Adriatic coast.
PRINCE Harry shows his playful side as he meets a four-year-old orphan called Molise.
I returned to my hometown village of Colletorto in the Molise region for an extended visit of a couple of months," explained Luigi, who originally left Italy with his family as a seven-year-old boy.
The first quarter is written by Guido Gili, Professor of the Sociology of Communi-cation at the University of Molise.
A MODERATE earthquake yesterday shook Molise in central Italy, which was hit by a powerful quake in 2002, when 27 children and their teacher were killed in the collapse of a school.
In the great tradition of dialect literature of the Molise region, Eugenio Cirese (1884-1953) is a poet that holds a particular place because of his outstanding contributions and the international recognition he has received.
I have written immediately to the president of the Molise region to offer whatever assistance we can give.
4-magnitude quake hit the Campobasso area northeast of Naples in the Molise region at 11:33am (12.
4-magnitude quake hit the Campobasso area north east of Naples in the Molise region at 11:33am (1233 GMT) yesterday.
Thus, although both poets were born before 1930, given their national and international standing as authors of prose as well as verse, they have been included as representatives of Molise in this present edition of the anthology.
Work on power lines emergency bad weather Lazio Abbruzzo Molise.