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a member of the Shoshonean people of northeastern Arizona

the Shoshonean language spoken by the Hopi

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8220;Businesses are looking for a single source for both hardware and software to create and manage digital interactions in-store,” said Tom Karren, Moki CEO.
Nonetheless, the elaborate political staging of a mega-forum by the South-West elites was evidently intended to draw Biya's attention to the historic role of the South-West Region in general and to Buea (in the particular case of Mayor Moki and others) in Anglophone politics, making these deserving hosts for the event.
En el Caribe, concebido como "una geografia de seduccion tropical y de disponibilidad sexual" (Sheller, 2004: 17), las historias de Moki y Eva sugieren que las experiencias sexuales se refieren tanto a "coger" el paisaje fusionado con el cuerpo del hombre caribeno, como a los actos sexuales.
Admirers call Kumiko Moki, 29, a ''charismatic sales staffer'' because she once achieved record-high sales of 500,000 yen in one day aboard the Tsubasa bullet train on the JR Yamagata Shinkansen Line.
And on pages 114-115, a multiculturally outfitted and posed Hells Angels group photo is set next to a sepia Edward Sheriff Curtis architectural composition of Moki Indian girls watching a dance.
The goal of the two endurance races, open to the public, was to promote fitness and to raise money for the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Foundation, said Moki Martin, the race director.
Each year 300 000 visitors can testify to the startling abundance of marine life in the reserve's rock pools, sponge gardens, mussel banks, urchin barrens, kelp forests, reefs and underwater caves, which teem with crayfish, snapper, blue maomao, red moki, silver drummer, marblefish, eels and stingrays.
Review of the hagfishes (Myxinidae, Myxiniformes) of the northwestern Pacific Ocean, with descriptions of three new species, Eptatretus fernholmi, Paramyxine moki, and P.
A twenty thousand dollar investment and a highly publicised Wellington launch in 2000--featuring the world's first Moki fish skin shoes.
Moki Martin and his wife, Cindy, are very special people to Diane and me.
Moki, son protagoniste, retourne au Congo avec dans ses bagages quantite de cartes du metro qu'il echangera contre de menus services:
He notes that moki can then suggest the "Befreiung" from the vrata (ritual rule of conduct) to which they normally adhere.
In another story, the yei, a Navajo deity, instructed the Stricken Twins, one blind and the other crippled, to devastate four times the Moki (or Hopi) cornfields with the aid of supernatural agencies.
Moki Gerdiberg, director of Forum Film, representing Disney in Israel, said there was no reason to fully clothe a cartoon character.
moki, Liometopum occidentale, Monomorium ergatogyna, and Tapinoma sessile.