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a member of the Shoshonean people of northeastern Arizona

the Shoshonean language spoken by the Hopi

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Visu pirma, paaiskejo sios gimnazijos teigiamas poziuris i kalbu mokyma (-si) ir daugiakalbyste, nes, anot administracijos darbuotoju, "kuo daugiau kalbu moki, tuo geriau zinai savo gimtaja kalba".
8220;The ability to integrate Moki technology with Outform's Pulse technology (“Moki Pulse”) provides a powerful solution to visual merchandisers seeking a quick ROI as they manage digital displays in a complex retail environment.
gt;iBlast Moki The aim of iBlast Moki is to fire your character to the exit using bombs and other items.
And what a road it was - the Moki Dugway, seriously steep and winding with a gob-smacking vista.
Admirers call Kumiko Moki, 29, a ''charismatic sales staffer'' because she once achieved record-high sales of 500,000 yen in one day aboard the Tsubasa bullet train on the JR Yamagata Shinkansen Line.
The goal of the two endurance races, open to the public, was to promote fitness and to raise money for the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Foundation, said Moki Martin, the race director.
Each year 300 000 visitors can testify to the startling abundance of marine life in the reserve's rock pools, sponge gardens, mussel banks, urchin barrens, kelp forests, reefs and underwater caves, which teem with crayfish, snapper, blue maomao, red moki, silver drummer, marblefish, eels and stingrays.
Moki Martin and his wife, Cindy, are very special people to Diane and me.
He notes that moki can then suggest the "Befreiung" from the vrata (ritual rule of conduct) to which they normally adhere.
Moki Gerdiberg, director of Forum Film, representing Disney in Israel, said there was no reason to fully clothe a cartoon character.
She leaves five grandchildren, Ripp Charters and his wife Phyllis of Gardner, Ross Charters and his wife Moki Brown of Brooklyn, NY, Amy Barker and her husband Time of Naples, FL Kendal Blackford of Naples, FL, and Henry Blackford and his wife Rae of Naples, FL, six great-grandchildren; Matthew and Ruth-Ann Barker, Kiley Charters, Mika Charters, Annabel and Adair Blackford, and several nephews and nieces.
Outform has joined hands with Moki Mobility to launch its Moki Pulse Mobile Device Management (MDM) combined software solution which allows remote access and control of the iDISPLAY tablets and media players at any location through a standard web browser.
Create Influence" features Moki typography and lenticular imagery to craft a sculptural piece that, when viewed from different perspectives, proclaim "create" and "influence.
The Cheal-C1 well also encountered strong oil shows within a 73-meter-thick section of sandstone within the deeper Moki Formation.
The feline brothers, who have been named Mikki and Moki, are now travelling everywhere with Sheila so she can give them the milk they need to survive.