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measuring instrument for measuring the relative humidity of the atmosphere

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The paper describes the development of a novel moisture sensor designed to meet stringent requirements with respect to accuracy.
Browse 64 Tables and 83 Figures spread through 164 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Soil Moisture Sensor Market"
Photo: Moisture sensors include one portable, manual and automatic versions of one type, and two electronic kinds
For more information about the XTRA SMART Soil Moisture Sensor, visit http://www.
Complete report on moisture sensor market spread across 155 pages, profiling 17 major companies and supported with 208 tables and figures is now available at http://www.
sensors, the soil moisture sensor of Koubachi is not affected by the salinity of the soil, which for example increases when fertilizer is added.
Over the past several years, University of Florida (UF) staff and students have been conducting research on automatic irrigation control systems using soil moisture sensors (SMS) on landscape and drip irrigated vegetables as well as controllers using climate data to estimate plant evapotranspiration (ET) for landscape irrigation scheduling.
Irrigation becomes even more practical if a Water Computer with a Soil Moisture Sensor is attached to the automatic irrigation system.
Provide and install 40 of electric, moisture sensor and thermal sensor cable with
All instruments in the range incorporate microprocessor control, with a high quality electrolytic moisture sensor.
Even more efficient is the use of an automatic irrigation system - for instance with a watering control with soil moisture sensor as well as an individually adjustable drip irrigation with the Gardena Micro-Drip-System.
It uses a soil moisture sensor and programmable chip to tweet the busy minister @vincecable and tell him when his Fab Lab plant needs watering.
They recommend that clients use an automatic moisture sensor to determine when lawns need watering and the installation of a rain shut-off device to override the sprinkler system when it begins to rain.
The soil moisture sensor that controls a particular treatment is buried in the center of one of the four replicates.
This complements our popular EC-5 soil moisture sensor and expands the range of monitoring applications for our customers.