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measuring instrument for measuring the relative humidity of the atmosphere

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Soil moisture sensor, which is placed in the soil, is used to detect the required level of water or moisture content in the soil.
Instruments and field study preparations: (a) Cabo Rojo Tropinet radar system, (b) preparation for a radiosonde balloon launch, (c) radiosonde atop a UPRM building, (d) readying the Mayaguez site for soil moisture sensors, and (e) a soil moisture sensor.
These soil moisture sensor designs are more rugged, with protective casings to prevent corrosion, and tend to be more expensive.
Mittelbach H, Lehner I, Seneviratne SI (2012) Comparison of four soil moisture sensor types under field conditions in Switzerland.
Plug one end of a Grove* cable into the Grove* Moisture Sensor, and connect the other end to the A0 port on the Grove* Shield.
The sensor data and manually reported data collected by the system are merged, analyzed and displayed, providing instant notifications of bed-wetting incidents detected by the moisture sensor.
GEA Pharma Systems, together with NDC, has developed a new inline moisture sensor, LHP-NDC 710e, for pharmaceutical drying systems, designed to simplify moisture measurement.
A Watermark soil moisture sensor is an electrical resistance block that measures soil matric potential (fig.
Perhaps the most extreme prototype is the kissing phone, which consists of a moisture sensor on the sender's phone and a motorised wet sponge that pushes against a semi-permeable membrane on the receiver's phone.
The Delta T "inside-the-dryer" moisture sensor and control system can be used with milk powders and many other products using a variety of dryer-types such as spray, fluidized-bed, belt, rotary and flash to reduce moisture variation by at least 30 percent and energy consumption by 5-10%.
Comes standard with one moisture and one temperature sensor, with an optional second moisture sensor.
If you've been manually turning on your hose and then having to remember to shut it off again after watering, check out the Vigoro Wireless Moisture Sensor & Digital Water Timer.
PARKER Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has launched an Atex approved version of its proven in-line moisture sensor for hydraulic and lubricating systems.
An alert is triggered via a moisture sensor which pings a text message to parents' mobile phones as soon as it becomes damp.