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any of the three Greek goddesses of fate or destiny

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Director of Business Development at Moirai, indicated that the company has the ability to fund the clinical study on its own but is also currently in discussions with parties regarding acquisition of the PIR technology.
Basile's "Le tre fate" (Zipes 544-50), or Grimm's "Die drei Spinnerinnen" (628-9), in which the job of the fairy-women further reminds us of the weaving Moirai (Greek equivalents to the Parcae).
Freud skryf byvoorbeeld in sy essay "The theme of the three caskets" (Freud 1989: 520) dat die Griekse skikgodinne, die Moirai, geskep is nadat die mens agtergekom het hy is ook deel van die natuur en daarom onderworpe aan die onveranderlike wet van die dood.
Sin quererlo Alfredo penso en las teorias de Freud, en Edipo que acaba arrancandose los ensangrentados ojos en un supremo gesto de pudor, verguenza y aceptacion de lo mandado por las Moirai.
Mansfield reinforces this imagery by having the grandmother engaged in stitching--an allusion to the Greco-Roman Moirai or Fates--while talking to Kezia about death and dying.
In these metaphonics, Ariadne, as life-giver, thus assumes the personality of the Greek Moirai or Roman Parcae, three divine old women who spin and weave the "filum" or thread of our existence into a pattern until, at our death, Atropos ("the one of no return") cuts it at the foreordained limit of its extension (again, "lisiere").
the premier provider of next-generation digital media technologies and the first company to release an MPEG-4 based digital cinema system, today announces the acquisition of iVAST International, Moirai Media Solutions, Inc.
Now, following a facelift after being taken over by Serco Leisure working with Moirai Capital Investments, the leaseholders of the site, it is back open for business.
Families were left delighted when news broke earlier this year that it would reopen, after being taken over with Serco Leisure working with Moirai Capital Investments, the leaseholders of the site.
Leisure operator Moirai Capital Investments has now announced its acquisition of Wet 'n' Wild Enterprises Ltd.
The popular attraction went into administration last year but it has been taken over and Serco Leisure is working with Moirai Capital Investments, the leaseholders of the site.
e waterpark, which went into administration in October last year, has been acquired by Moirai Capital Investments and will be run by Serco Leisure who have earmarked a grand opening in July.