Mohawk River

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a river of central New York that flows southeastward to the Hudson River

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I urge anyone living along the Mohawk River, or in areas that have experienced previous flooding, to pay close attention to weather reports and stay safe.
The Schoharie's waters then accelerated to the rate of flow of Niagara Falls as its path narrowed, uprooting houses and trees, before bursting onto the Mohawk River, just west of Schenectady to flood Rotterdam Junction and the historic Stockade section of Schenectady.
That has hit hard at the area around the Herkimer campus in central New York, where rusted dams control the flow of water over remnants of the Erie Canal and shuttered factories line the streets of Mohawk River towns.
The airplane was substantially damaged at 1421 Eastern time when it collided with the Mohawk River shortly after takeoff.
Brant's growing maturity led him back to Canajoharie where he married the daughter of an Oneida leader, started a family, and moved into his deceased stepfather's large home in Canajoharie on the south bank of the Mohawk River.
Fish and Wildlife Service - includes 108 acres of the Conte refuge's Mohawk River Division and 105 acres of its Pondicherry Division, both in New Hampshire.
When Tekakwitha was ten, in 1666, a war party composed of French soldiers and hostile Indians from northern regions destroyed the Mohawk strongholds on the south bank of the Mohawk River, including Ossermenon.
His uncle, Peter Warren, a British admiral, had asked Johnson to manage his lands in New York's Mohawk River Valley.
Cohoes, as with many of the cities along the Hudson and Mohawk river, were developed in times when little thought was given to water pollution; their sewers sometimes led directly into the rivers.
Worked Over is an ambitious work that explores two hundred years in the history of a community in the Mohawk River Valley in central New York.
Following the smallpox epidemic that claimed so many lives, Kateri and her people abandoned Ossernenon and settled across the Mohawk River at Caughnawaga, near present day Fonda, New York.
Nearly three centuries ago, a group of immigrants fled war and persecution and eventually made a home along New York's Mohawk River.
Born in 1656, a mile outside of Auriesville, NY, along the Mohawk River, Blessed Kateri was orphaned at age 4 when smallpox that plagued her village killed her parents and brother, according to church literature.
But by mid-afternoon he was joined at that price by his stablemate Mohawk River, who came tumbling in from 33-1 following his victory at Newmarket on Saturday.
Consider, for example, the upper drainage of the Mohawk River in Lane County lays inside a vast industrial forest acquired by a new corporate owner during the last decade.
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